Watch Courteney Cox being hilariously beaten in Jimmy Kimmel’s friends trivia


The coronavirus pandemic has put the friends reunion pending, with stop of television productions and everyone awaits the crisis at home. This includes one of the stars of the series, Courteney Cox, who joined Jimmy Kimmel by video call for a quick tour of friends anecdotes.

“I don’t even remember participating in the series,” said Cox, shortly before being brutally beaten by Kimmel’s cousin from his Staten Island home. “I have such a bad memory. ”

As such, the actor spent his free time watching frenzies friends, which will probably be useful once the reunion is over. “I just started the first season – it’s really good! ”

Cox and Kimmel also thanked Meals on Wheels, encouraging people to donate during these difficult times. “They’re always there to deliver meals to people who need meals, and now people really need meals because you can’t leave the house,” said Kimmel.


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