Tim Hortons says they are victims of a hoax


By the staff of Dawson Creek Mirror
Tim Hortons says they are the victim of a hoax.

An article published on March 25 on the “Canada-eh” website states that the Canadian coffee chain is closing all its stores, including driving services, as of Monday.

“Although take-out and on-site meals are no longer available, customers will also be unable to use drive-through or delivery,” notes the Canada-eh article.

Contacted by Mirror, Tim Hortons executives said they were still working on removing the history from Canada-eh.

“We have no official plans to close more restaurants,” said Meghan Giffin with the company this afternoon.

“The information in this article is completely false. Tim Hortons continues to welcome guests for takeout, steering wheel orders and available deliveries, “said a Tim Hortons spokesperson.

“The original story was something we are trying to deal with on a legal level and we are not closing any further than we already are. ”

“Our restaurants are open and here to serve you, by pickup, drive-thru and delivery, if applicable. Thank you to the restaurateurs and our team members for their continued commitment to serving our communities and those who serve our communities across Canada. ”

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