The rich are ashamed in this period of coronavirus crisis


As the global economy craters, the gap between the haves and the have-nots is now that of life and death, the 1% plays to type and do what it does best: profit.
Just days after billionaire funder Bill Ackman said on TV that “hell is coming” in tears – thanks, but New York already has a distraught middle-aged excuse for a man from our infamous mayor Bill de Blasio – we learned that Ackman was, at that time, eyeing his own bet against the markets, the one who brought him $ 2.6 billion.


Now, this is not technically and legally a manipulation of the market, but rational people may agree: it is nevertheless soulless and disgusting.

The same thought comes to me at least once a day now: the days, weeks and months after September 11 brought out the best in people. This crisis brings out the worst, especially among the average people: intelligent, sophisticated, rich, connected. Those who are perfectly positioned to do real acts of kindness, charity and philanthropy, to help the most frightened and the most destitute.

Those, in short, who should know better and do better.

Or at least, for the sake of convenience, pretend.

Instead, we have the Secretary of the Treasury and the human facsimile Steve Mnuchin (net worth $ 300 million) who actually declare that the current unemployment figures, a record 3.3 million and rising, “Are irrelevant” because in three weeks, all of these people will receive $ 1,200 government checks.

We now know that the US Secretary of the Treasury knows nothing, less than zero, about the way most Americans live.

Then we have the four senators, including the legendary Dianne Feinstein, who in total dumped hundreds of thousands of stocks after a top secret coronavirus briefing on January 24 – three Republicans and a Democrat, proving that nothing is as bipartisan as greed.

And as The Post reported exclusively, Carl Icahn, an 84-year-old billionaire investor, bet $ 5 billion against American malls – a bet made last summer, to be fair, but one that will be much more profitable only because of this crisis.

But what benefits from the pain of our nation if you cannot rejoice in it? So Icahn, who lives on a private island in Miami known as the “billionaire bunker,” sued CNBC for talking about his enthusiasm for the bleak fate of commercial real estate.

“You’re also going to have this explosion, and no one is even looking at it,” said Icahn. He then predicted that the coming collapse would be worse than the 2008 property market crash – the kind of feeling that, for people like him, money just can’t buy.

The high net worth of this ilk normally hides such grotesque behavior. But as I wrote last week about the full-fledged class war in the Hamptons, the percent is a hysteria of food and freezing, which spreads carelessly through the crown while the serfs search for the last edible vegetable of the region. The masks are indeed extinct.

Same thing with celebrities. Never again will a thoughtful person buy the “Stars – They are like us!” »Duck. From the constellation worthy of the name of celebrities singing “Imagine” to Gwyneth Paltrow posting a corona-chic photo of the market of her organic farmer to learning from Oprah’s guest house is the size of a real house in “This video of the son of J.Lo serving a rod Sparkling water on a Hoverboard is the laugh you need” (Popsugar), the message is clear: these stars serve us – tell us – to eat their metaphorical cake.

The edifying takeout, like none other than Madonna: “The thing with COVID-19, no matter how rich or famous you are.” ”

Soaking in her white marble bathtub in the middle of rose petals, her neck piled with jewelry, Madonna lamented that “the coronavirus is the great equalizer”.

By the way, this truism is accompanied by a nice little kicker. The online backlash that Madonna quickly suffered was enough to make her remove the video and finally shut up.

It turns out that there is also another nice little equalizer, the one that little people are wise to deploy: shame.


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