Subban to Host NHL Quiz with Pause Season


P.K. Subban will host a quiz show that will feature NHL fans, celebrities and players during the NHL break.

The New Jersey Devils defender made the announcement during a video call from players in the Metropolitan Division on Thursday.
“I’m sure it could be fun and it’s also great to create content that brings joy to people, gives people reason to laugh because there is so much to frown at. [right now] Said Subban. “I am pleased that the League is taking an initiative to put smiles on people’s faces and give fans content to wait and have fun. I hope this game show can do it and I look forward to it. ”

The NHL hopes to start the show in the next two weeks.

“You are always trying to find ways to be constructive and keep yourself busy, and I don’t have kids, so I might have more time so I don’t have to do anything else,” said Subban.

Subban asked the Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin, who was on the video call, if he planned to log in to watch the game show.

Ovechkin said, “Yes, why not. Anything for you, buddy. ”

Subban has experience organizing a show with ” P.K. Subbanspecial All-Star“During the 2019 NHL All-Star Break.

Subban spent a week and a half in New Jersey after the NHL announced the March 12 break due to concerns over the coronavirus. He returned to his off-season home in Los Angeles to be with fiancée Lindsey Vonn and continue his workouts because he did not have a lot of gym equipment in New Jersey.

“I went from a home [in New Jersey] to another [in California], and it’s just crazy to see, “said Subban. I do a lot of hospital work and stuff too, and it doesn’t really strike you until you think of all the people who don’t have what we have, don’t have the support system that we built for ourselves and do our job and the resources we have. It’s just a little bit crazy to be in the hot seat and see how people have handled it.

“You have to give crazy accessories to the doctors and nurses and to all the people who have spent crazy hours, who have these masks, who work all day. … I could not imagine having one for a 14, 15, 16 o’clock shift. Shout at all those people who take time and continue to make us healthy and safe. It’s just difficult. It’s just a difficult time. It’s crazy. ”

Subban said the best show he has watched since the break was the Netflix docuseries, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”.

“It’s very entertaining and I’m not a big TV guy,” said Subban.

He also offered some advice before signing.

“I think everyone, to some extent, still has their freedom to do what they love to do, but there is obviously a bigger cause with quarantine, hand washing and the guarantee that you try to be as disciplined as possible as this will help save lives, “he said. “The sooner we can continue to be disciplined, maybe the sooner it turns around.

“There are a lot of people going through difficult things, and for the people who are lucky enough to have a house above their heads, clothes, food and water, do whatever you can to help as directed. ”


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