Meghan Markle thinks Prince Harry and Prince William can fix things


Members of the Royal Family attend events to mark the RAF centenary
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  • Meghan Markle apparently thinks that the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William will soon return to normal.
  • Harry and William communicated more often during the pandemic.

    Welp, if there is at least * one * good thing (decent? Bearable?) About the current international situation is that it gives Prince William and Prince Harry a chance to reconnect … a little. As you may remember, the divide between Harry and William became even deeper after Harry made the decision alongside his wife, Meghan Markle, to step back from their higher royal duties and move to Canada. It turns out that Meghan felt somewhat responsible for the ugliness between Harry and William after the Megxit, but the good news is that the global crisis has allowed them to shift gears a bit.

    According to a We weekly source, Meghan’s “conscience is clear” now, “and she is no longer fighting for things she can no longer control”. At the same time, however, Meghan is convinced that Harry and William “will end up fixing things.” Of course, “ultimately” is a questionable word, but I’ll take it!

    The news comes after a recent report said that Harry and William communicated much more frequently these days. “Meghan told those around her that Harry communicated with Prince William and the Queen on a fairly consistent basis. She said that this global crisis had actually brought them together, especially Harry and his brother, “said a source. Daily Mail. “Harry made it very clear to them that he would do whatever he could to help Canada. Meghan said they were grateful, especially Harry, for being able to spend time with his family before all of this madness started. “

    Hopefully, once the mess is over, the royal breach will be a thing of the past. Firmly crossing my fingers (and toes) on that one!


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