British Columbia doctors, pharmacists and nurses: No proven COVID-19 treatment exists


Do not take any unproven medication to try to fight COVID-19.
This serious warning comes from the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia and British Columbia. College of nursing professionals.

The group says it is seeing more and more conversations online and on social media promoting drugs used to fight COVID-19 against malaria and HIV / AIDS. These unproven treatment claims may include, but are not limited to, hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, azithromycin, lopinavir / ritonavir (Kaletra) and colchicine.

In fact, according to the colleges, no proven COVID-19 treatment exists yet.

“It is important to understand that there are potential risks to the patient, risks to our understanding of what is really a beneficial treatment or not, and a decrease in access to therapies recognized as useful or essential in other medical conditions. For these reasons, the use of unproven therapies for COVID 19 is not recommended outside of clinical trials. ”

These potential harms can even be fatal. For example, a man in Phoenix, Arizona, died this week after taking chloroquine phosphate. However, it took a form of chemical used to clean aquariums, not to treat illnesses. He mistakenly believed that this would protect him from COVID-19.

The group of colleges say that “health professionals all have a responsibility to their patients and their profession to focus only on evidence-based care and not to give in to pressure from well-meaning patients over unproven uses and potentially dangerous of existing drugs.

“This could pose significant health risks to these patients as well as other unintended consequences such as critical shortages of these existing drugs for patients who need them to treat other conditions. ”


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