Aaron Hicks starts the launch program


Yankees defensive player Aaron Hicks was allowed to start a throwing program, manager Aaron Boone told reporters Wednesday (Twitter connections via Bryan Hoch of MLB.com). Boone did not provide an additional schedule for Hicks, but it is a notable step in healing the 30-year-old after Tommy John’s surgery last October.
As Connor Byrne of MLBTR noted when considering the impact of postponing opening day on the Yankees, Hicks’ recovery schedule was expected to be eight to 10 months, which would put him online for a return in June. to August. Depending on when (or if) the season can start, it’s possible that Hicks can get back into the lineup without missing a lot of time.

It would be a big boost for the Yankees; while many have lamented the $ 70 million contract signed over seven years by Hicks just before back injuries led him to start the 2019 season on IL (and before his elbow was operated), it should be remembered how strong the 2017-18 Hicks seasons were. Meanwhile, he reduced by 0.255 / 0.368 / 0.470 with 42 circuits, 36 doubles, three triples and 21 interceptions during 942 home appearances. On the field, he had 4 recorded defensive points, an ultimate zone rating of 5.7 and was at least average, according to Statcast’s OAA metrics.

Boone also noted that left-handed James Paxton, recovering from back surgery, continues a throwing program at his Wisconsin home. Everything seems to be going well on this front – or, at least, no negative feedback or updates have been provided – which bodes well for a targeted return to the mound. The Yankees have announced that he will be sidelined for three to four months during his back surgery in February.

As for the right defender Judge Aaron, Boone offered little in terms of timing, but gave a frustrating update to fans when he revealed that the collector’s lung collapse may have been traced back to an outside field dive attempt last September. “It’s probably something you can’t know for sure, but I think everything is interdependent,” said Boone. The judge will be reassessed in “a few weeks” after his cracked rib has had more time to heal, tweets Brendan Kuty of New Jersey Star-Ledger.


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