Is living with a host family an alternative? – .

Is living with a host family an alternative? – .

Reader question: Can living with a host family be an alternative to a retirement home? How would that work?
yes the family accommodation says family welcome, is possible and can apply to elderly or disabled people, but not if the people require constant care.

It’s not to stay with your own family.

The person staying pays the host family and a contract is signed between the two, specifying the conditions.

Payment (including a flat rate of €26.21 per day, plus ancillary costs) can be made by the person accommodated via a specific version of the Cesu for home employment, called Cesu accueil familial.

The arrangement can be temporary or permanent and full-time or part-time. A person wishing to become welcoming family (host), must apply for approval, called approval, of their county council.

If you are looking for accommodation, you can obtain a list of host families available in your area from the town hall. Depending on their means, the person accommodated can also obtain certain advantages to contribute to the payment of the service, in particular personalized autonomy allowance and accommodation social assistance.

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