WWE NXT WarGames 2021 Results: Winners, Ratings, Reactions & Highlights

WWE NXT WarGames 2021 Results: Winners, Ratings, Reactions & Highlights

Since WarGames matches can be chaotic, play by play will be kept to a minimum. We will cover when each person enters the ring and the bigger spots.

Kai and Ray started for their teams while everyone was locked in their cages. Kai brought kendo sticks to fight the baseball bat Ray had, but both women gave up their guns after the first hit.

The first person to join them in the ring was Jade. Kai managed to hit a double DDT just before Dolin joined her in the ring. She brought a trash can with her along with a mystery bag. Shirai joined his team and brought some chairs into the ring.

Jayne was next and as she walked to the ring she grabbed a table to bring her with her. The babyfaces settled Jayne on the table and Jade took her out with a huge sentinel from the top of the cage.

After it looked like Jade had dislocated her shoulder, Shirai put her back in place. Gonzalez brought more trash cans and chairs into the ring when she got down.

Rose was the last competitor to enter the ring and took her time to walk up to Jade and pull her through the ring by her wrong arm. We ended up with each team in a different ring.

The match ended when Jade pinned for her team on Jayne. Her teammates rushed to her side to congratulate her and celebrate the victory.

Class: B-


Sometimes this match seemed to be all over the place. Some spots seemed poorly planned and this led to some rough times when people were getting ready or waiting for something to happen.

In between these moments, there was a lot of fun involving guns and women taking big risks. The place with Jade looked really scary, but she seemed to be doing fine and sold the bump like a pro.

Some of the weapon locations were creative, but the match didn’t seem to go until most of the women were in the ring.


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