Woman who sued Walmart over shoplifting arrest receives $ 2.1 million – .

Woman who sued Walmart over shoplifting arrest receives $ 2.1 million – .

“We continue to believe that our associates have acted appropriately,” said Mr. Hargrove. “We don’t think the verdict is supported by any evidence. “

Mr Hargrove noted that Walmart’s civilian recovery program, which had been criticized for aggressive tactics aimed at reaching deals with those accused of shoplifting, was halted in 2018. It took issue that the program was driven by income, as some critics had said.

“Civilian recovery programs have been flagged as profit centers, and they are not,” he said. “And this characterization of our business was not accurate. “

The district attorney and the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Wednesday.

When first confronted by Walmart employees near the store exit, Ms Nurse said she thought it was a misunderstanding, but then, she said, the ground “collapsed right under my feet.”

“I said to myself: ‘There is no fight to fight,” she continued. ” I did not do anything. “

Ms Nurse said Walmart employees berated her during the meeting, asking how she could shoplift in front of her 11-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter. Since then, she said, her children have been ridiculed by other students because of their mother’s arrest. A carpet and upholstery cleaning business that she runs with her husband has suffered tremendously, she said.

Throughout the ordeal, Ms Nurse said, Walmart refused repeated requests from its lawyers for footage from the store’s security cameras. She said the video was critical and allegedly showed a store worker helping her scan items at the checkout, some of which had to be entered manually due to an issue with the kiosk.


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