What pundits expect from 2021 Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers week 13 game – .

What pundits expect from 2021 Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers week 13 game – .

Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com: “The Pittsburgh defense is struggling to stop the run and cover outside receivers at the back of the field to be a lethal combination against the Ravens. (In other news, Ben Roethlisberger is the lowest-ranked non-Jets quarterback among all of the Pro Football Focus ‘qualifiers’ rankings.) ”

The Ravens will win another close game.

Vinnie Iyer de Sporting News : “The Steelers will stay the course with their fast passing play and tough run against Najee Harris, but the Ravens will crush another with Justin Tucker sending the game winner home. ”

It’s a good opportunity for Lamar Jackson to have a rebound game.

Emmanuel Morgan of the New York Times: “After throwing four interceptions last week and missing his start of Week 11 due to illness, Lamar Jackson remarked that he was ‘going back to the lab’. This should concern the Steelers (5-5-1), whose defense remains exploitable in the prolonged absence of TJ Watt (Covid-19). ”

A balanced attack is the key to a Ravensvictory.

Bryan DeArdo de CBS Sports : “The Steelers can be successful if the Ravens rely too much on Jackson,” [Marquise] brown and [Mark] Andrews to do most of the parts. Conversely, a balanced attack would likely expose the Steelers’ holes at the cornerback, inside linebacker and on the defensive line. ”

DB Brandon Stephens vs. Steelers TE Pat Freiermuth is a key game.

James Ogden de Russell Street Report : “Both young players have shown promise and Freiermuth has given Roethlisberger a safety net he hasn’t had since Heath Miller, but it will be an interesting test of how far the two have come. Stephens in particular, who of course won’t be lined up up and asked to cover the tight end throughout the game, will need to be basically solid in the angles he takes and come in and tackle the Pittsburgh receivers after the capture at regular intervals. secondary school for years to come, so they will likely face each other a lot over the next few years. This first confrontation could set the tone. ”

The Steelers desperately need to win this game – and they will.

John Breech of CBS Sports: “I don’t like playing against desperate teams, especially when playing at home against a division rival. The Steelers are one of only two NFL teams that Lamar Jackson doesn’t have a winning record against – he’s 1- 1 – and I don’t think that’s going to change after this week. ”

Pete Prisco from CBS Sports: “It has become a big known rivalry for the physical game, but the Steelers have hardly looked physical over the past two weeks. They are struggling a lot, as the Ravens come off a tough home win over Cleveland. Despite this, the Ravens’ offense is not good at the moment. The Steelers will find a way to win this late by playing a survival game. ”

Marc Sessler from the NFL Network: “The Steelers seem done, but they’re also a life-long hopeless operation under the guidance of a restless coach in Mike Tomlin. They know the Ravens better than anyone. Baltimore isn’t a gem either, handing the ball over nine times in the past four games. … The Steelers won’t appreciate being labeled as “home dogs against a hated foe.” Expect them to come out with a feverish look in their eyes. ”


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