Website update resolves Covid certificate in France maiden name issue – .

Website update resolves Covid certificate in France maiden name issue – .

A new software update to the Health Insurance Vaccination Certificate Generation System resolves issues for many women whose Covid vaccination certificates show their maiden name while their travel documents bear their marriage name.
This particularly affects women who hold passports from countries like the UK or the US, which usually do not include maiden names in the event of a name change and it is difficult for them to be accepted as fully. vaccinated for travel rules.

At least three Log in of readers have previously reported being denied boarding on flights because the names on their documents did not match.

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However, the National Health Insurance Fund (Cnam) has now updated the certificate generation system on Ameli’s website, which means that women logging in to access their recall certificates have found that the new documents bear both their maiden and marriage names.

When uploaded to the TousAntiCovid application, the vaccination records continue to display both names.

This should work as long as both of your names are registered on your CPAM account.

Log in reader Amanda Hill says that even if your Ameli account does not display the correct names [for example due to a delay in your area with the website update], there is another way to access the new certificates.

Mrs. Hill said The connection that: “I went to the site to print my most recent certificate – after my recall – but it still only had my maiden name.”

“Today, coincidentally, I had an appointment with my GP and asked him to take a look at the system available to him.

“There you go, he had both names!” I was so relieved; it’s like a Christmas present in advance.

“I finally had success and I think this time it’s a solution that should be possible for everyone. General practitioners should be able to print the certificate even if individuals cannot. “

Since getting her certificate from her doctor, Ms Hill said her own Ameli account has also been updated, meaning she can display her vaccination certificate with both names displayed.

She added that the updated certificates are presented as “maiden name immediately followed by marriage name on the same line”.

Another reader said she received an updated certificate showing both names by her immunization clinic when receiving her recall.

Until now, women affected by the name mismatch issue had to carry additional documents such as marriage and birth certificates with them when traveling.

Some managed to change the name on their vaccination certificates by going back to their local vaccination center and asking staff to produce a new document, but many centers refused to do so.

The updated certification system aligns with Article 225 of the French Civil Code, which states that: “The spouses may use the name of the other spouse, either as a replacement or in addition to their own name and in the order of their choice. “

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