Walmart Canada to phase out single-use plastic bags in stores by April 2022 – .

Walmart Canada to phase out single-use plastic bags in stores by April 2022 – .

Walmart Canada will eliminate single-use plastic bags from its more than 400 locations by April 2022, a move the retailer says will keep nearly 750 million plastic bags out of circulation each year.
The company said on Tuesday afternoon that the ban on single-use plastic bags would be phased in over the next five months, with the goal of eliminating products from all locations by Day of the Day. Earth 2022, which falls on April 22. The ban will apply. in-store purchases as well as online grocery pickup and delivery orders.

Many chains are ahead of Walmart in eliminating single-use plastic bags. Sobeys, which is owned by Empire Ltd., removed plastic grocery bags from all of its grocery stores in January 2020. The company said at the time that this resulted in the removal of 225 million bags per year.

The change at Walmart comes as the federal government seeks to phase out single-use plastics in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government first proposed in October 2020 at the end of 2021.

Walmart Canada first launched a pilot program testing the disposal of plastic shopping bags at 10 locations in August this year. The company said it received “overwhelmingly positive” feedback from customers and associates through the pilot, and has eliminated the use of nearly 6 million plastic bags.

“Being part of this pilot has been such a positive experience for my team, especially since we know firsthand how many single-use plastic bags we typically use each week,” Kevin Oakley, Store Manager at one store Walmart in Guelph, Ontario. , said in a statement.

“By ending the use of single-use plastic bags at checkout, Walmart customers and associates are helping to make a positive impact on the environment every day. ”

In Canada, up to 15 billion plastic bags are used each year, according to the federal government.

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