Visitors to Britain will not have to take Covid tests before departure, says Grant Shapps – .

Visitors to Britain will not have to take Covid tests before departure, says Grant Shapps – .

Tourists will not be asked to take Covid tests before they arrive in the UK because the government doesn’t want to “kill the travel industry without knowing you need it,” Grant Shapps said.

The transport secretary also urged families to book vacations abroad as long as they have insurance and so-called vaccine passports become the “travel standard.”

In a broad interview, Mr Shapps said he would make sure new commuter train cars were more comfortable after criticism of so-called “ironing board” seats.

And – before Christmas – he has promised to crack down on new electric scooters that don’t meet basic safety standards.

Britain currently does not require pre-departure testing for anyone flying into the UK from overseas and Mr Shapps has said he hopes that will not change.

He told the Chopper’s Politics podcast on Friday, “Do you want to kill the travel industry again and not know you need it?” Or do you want to take the right level of calibrated response?

“This government thinks we should adopt a calibrated response, which does not take us back to the beginning of this [pandemic] …

“I believe in transportation and I don’t want to see a world where we always find excuses to restrict it. Of course, you have to react responsibly. That’s what I think we did. “

Vaccine passports will become “the norm for travel”

Mr Shapps said vaccine passports will become the “travel standard”, as will the requirement to use yellow fever certificates to enter certain tropical countries.

He said: “The standard for traveling the world will be ‘have you been vaccinated’ in the same way that for many years if you want to go to certain countries, you can’t leave without a yellow fever certificate. “

Mr Shapps said scientists at the Department of Defense’s Porton Down lab are currently evaluating the omicron variant and would know more in just over a fortnight.

Mr Shapps denied that the UK had overreacted to the threat of the omicron variant and insisted that the answer – putting some countries on the red list and requiring face masks to be worn in stores, buses and trains – was “calibrated”.

Families should book a vacation abroad as long as tickets are flexible “and where you stay respects whatever is happening at the time – go book.” But just know that you have the insurance in place ”.

And he pledged that the Department of Transport would hold its Christmas party this year, despite concerns about the safety of major events due to the spread of Covid.


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