[VIDEO] “Superman and Lois” Season 2 Trailer – The CW – .

[VIDEO] “Superman and Lois” Season 2 Trailer – The CW – .

Teen wolf vet Ian Bohen didn’t start off well with Superman and Lois‘titular hero in a recently released trailer for the second season of the CW drama (premieres Tuesday, Jan.11 at 8 / 7c).

Bohen joins the cast as Lt. Mitch Anderson, the Defense Department’s “new sheriff in town” who wants Superman to declare his allegiance to America. But Superman refuses to join Anderson’s team, noting that he’s already committed to the world. This could explain why Anderson tells Superman he’s more of a handicap than a hero.

Elsewhere, Natalie isn’t too keen on her father John Henry Irons flying with Superman, and Lois and Clark appear to be having issues (and a horny teenager) at home. “Things haven’t been going well for months, and I’ve blamed you,” Lois confesses to Clark, who desperately wants to know what’s bothering his wife.

Not spotted in the trailer: Jenna Dewan, who will recur in season 2 as Lois Lane’s younger sister, Lucy Lane, a role she originally played in the drama’s first season ‘era on CBS Super Girl.

Hit PLAY below for the preview, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the super action!


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