Upstate New York Hospitals Overwhelmed by Rising Covid Cases – .

Upstate New York Hospitals Overwhelmed by Rising Covid Cases – .

Covid-19 is prevalent in Warren County, where there are 93 cases per 100,000 residents, about 5 times the rate in New York City. The positive rate for virus tests is 12%, compared to 2% in New York.

Still, masking at local Glens Falls stores seemed rare, even as emergency care centers and hospitals fill up with patients seeking tests and appointments. The county’s vaccination rate for all residents is 72%, which is actually higher than the state average of 69%, but a combination of relaxed precautions, waning immunity, and increased infectivity. of Delta propels cases there, as elsewhere.

‘It’s so bad in this area,’ said Dr Jeremy Di Bari, a family doctor who works at Glens Falls Hospital and two local emergency care centers, and who himself currently has Covid , although he is fully vaccinated. “I don’t think it’s going to get any better. Hope it doesn’t get worse.

Erie County, which includes Buffalo, has seen one of the largest increases in hospitalizations in the state in recent weeks. The Erie County Medical Center is full and patients are waiting in the ER to be admitted. At the same time, there are 500 job openings at the hospital, which currently employs around 3,600 people, hospital officials said.

Similarly to Glens Falls there are patients – 52 of them – who could be discharged if there were only nursing homes or group homes that had room for them. them. While the hospital does not refuse people seeking care, between 10% and 20% of people who go to the emergency room leave unseen because wait times are very long, officials said.

“The convergence of problems is the worst I have ever seen,” said Tom Quatroche, general manager of the medical center. “We had these high volumes before, but we could transfer them to other settings and we had the staff to manage the volume. We find ourselves in a situation where the understaffing in the wider community and in the hospital, only creates a perfect storm. “


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