Unrecognizable Michelle Keegan in Jeremy Kyle’s Unearthed Appearance as Corrie’s Character – .

Unrecognizable Michelle Keegan in Jeremy Kyle’s Unearthed Appearance as Corrie’s Character – .

Michelle Keegan is one of the UK’s most glamorous TV stars.

But a long time ago, she appeared in Jeremy Kyle as her Coronation Street character, bartender Tina McIntyre.

The 34-year-old actress played Tina on Cobblestones from 2008 until she was killed in a grisly script in 2014.

And in March 2010, soap fans got to see their favorite characters outside of their regular tea time when Coronation Street on The Jeremy Kyle Show aired to commemorate the talk show’s 1,000th episode since its deletion. .

Tina was dragged onto the famous stage by her livid ex-boyfriend David Platt who accused her of sleeping with her step brother Nick.

Michelle Keegan looks unrecognizable in an episode of Jeremy Kyle in 2010



It all tied into some of the biggest storylines in the show at the time – and elements of those were mentioned by problem solver Jezza, who he said had also sought a second opinion from the shrink at the Graham series.

Michelle – then 22 years old – looked pale and comic in the special episode of Kyle, wearing Tina’s uniform consisting of a pair of huge earrings, a top of tracksuit, jeans and fake Ugg boots.

After calling David a “monster,” she complains that the reason he went to jail is because she dumped him.

Nick and David were at war over his paranoia about his ex

She sneers, “He couldn’t take it so he destroyed the whole street.” “

She then hints that David’s mother, Gail, had something to do with the death of her father, Joe, with whom she had a secret sex relationship.

In fact, Joe was killed by Gary Windrush who was going to go out with Gail’s daughter, Sarah-Lou.

Michelle as the fans know and love her nowadays


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After the all-important lie detector test, it was found that Tina had not had sex with Nick, and the trio were free to return to Weatherfield.

Fast forward to 2021 and Michelle has a huge array of brands supporting her name from huge names in fashion and beauty.

She is married to Heart presenter Mark Wright and the couple are currently building their dream mansion in Essex.

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