U.S. Covid Vaccinations Rise As Multiple States Confirm Omicron Cases – .

U.S. Covid Vaccinations Rise As Multiple States Confirm Omicron Cases – .

Eleven-year-old Victoria Stout receives the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine at the vaccination clinic at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, Calif., November 3, 2021.
Mike Blake | Reuters
Vaccinations against Covid were increased on Wednesday and Thursday as a growing number of states confirmed their first cases of the highly mutated omicron variant.
Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows nearly 2.2 million shots were reported to the agency in a 24-hour period ending Thursday, the largest single-day total since May.

About half of those injections were booster doses, White House Covid-19 data director Cyrus Shahpar wrote in a tweet on Thursday, and nearly a third were first doses, or from people receiving their very first injections. Some 4.8 million shots were reported on Monday, but that figure represents data from a few days over the Thanksgiving long weekend, according to the CDC..

U.S. health officials have been pushing the vaccines through a year-round public awareness campaign and vaccination warrants for some workers in recent months. The CDC stepped up its recommendation on Covid booster shots on Monday, telling all adults they “should” be given an extra dose amid growing concerns about the newly identified omicron variant.

The CDC cleared the booster shots for all adults in early November, but the agency now recommends that adults “should” be given an additional injection six months after their first set of Pfizer or Moderna, or two months after their first Johnson & Johnson injection. Johnson. .

Immunization rates have increased recently, but at a slower pace. Nearly 60% of Americans are fully vaccinated, according to CDC data on Thursday. It has been almost four months, however, since that figure hit the 50% mark in early August. It took a little over two months for the nation to go from 40% to 50% and less than a month to go from 30% to 40%.

About 70% of Americans received at least one injection and 21% of fully immunized Americans received a booster injection.

Vaccinations peaked at around 3.4 million per day, on an average of seven days, in April after vaccines first became available, and saw another bump with the onset of the delta variant, approaching an average of 1 million vaccines per day at the end of summer. Vaccinations were on the rise again as Thanksgiving approached and broke the 1.5 million average daily dose mark in mid-November, many of which were booster doses.

The omicron variant had been detected in five US states as of Thursday evening. The delta variant remains the dominant strain in the country, accounting for over 99% of all new cases and pushing the number of Covid hospitalizations up again.

The country is far from the peak of the delta wave in early September, when more than 100,000 patients were hospitalized with the virus. Still, around 57,000 Americans are hospitalized with Covid, according to a seven-day average of Department of Health and Human Services data through Thursday, up 10% from the previous week and 22% from the previous week. at the country’s most recent low on November 10.

CNBC Spencer Kimball contributed reports.


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