travel bans are “morally reprehensible” according to Archbishop – .

travel bans are “morally reprehensible” according to Archbishop – .

The Archbishop of Canterbury weighed on travel bans imposed on several countries in southern Africa, calling them “morally reprehensible”.
In a series of tweets, Justin Welby called the bans “self-defeating,” saying, “We cannot have ‘travel apartheid’” – a phrase used by Nigeria’s high commissioner on Tuesday.

In the past two weeks, the UK government has added 11 countries to the formerly gutted Red List, including South Africa, Botswana and most recently Nigeria, which means costly hotel quarantine stays for all. arrivals from these countries.

Meanwhile, countries and regions, including the United States and the EU, have also banned arrivals from selected neighboring African countries.

The leaders and officials of the countries on the red list have expressed their outrage at the “selective” list of countries in southern Africa, as omicron is now present in dozens of countries around the world.

In other news, holiday giant Tui today announced losses of £ 2.01bn (£ 1.72bn) in the year through September 2021, or nearly £ 5million a day.

However, CEO Fritz Joussen remains optimistic, saying The independent: “We expect summer 2022 to return to booking levels similar to those before the 2019 crown.”

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Tourists visiting orangutans risk giving them Covid, scientists say

Tourists in countries like Indonesia endanger wild orangutans by getting too close to primates, researchers have found.

A team of conservation researchers examined the evidence on social media from visitors to Indonesia’s Mount Leuser National Park and found that despite local wildlife rules and guidelines, tourists to Indonesia were breaking the “10-meter rule. To get close to the endangered monkeys. .
Researchers reported finding photos and videos of travelers taking selfies with the creatures and even stroking them.
Read the full story here:
Lucy ThackrayDecember 8, 2021 2:51 PM

Global aviation capacity to end 2021 at 2006 levels, analysis finds

Global aviation capacity will end 2021 at 2006 levels, according to forecasts by aviation and data analytics firm Cirium.
Experts also predicted that flight capacity growth in 2022 would rebound by year-end to 2015 levels.
From January to October 2021, flights were still down 38% from the same period in 2019, according to the latest analysis.
The 20 best roads in the world in 2021 were national, with no international service taking the top spots.
Helene coffeyDecember 8, 2021 1:42 PM

Four-year-old autistic ‘banned for life’ from US airline after row of masks

The father of a four-year-old autistic child says he and his son were “banned for life” by a US airline after trying to prove his son was medically exempt from wearing a mask on flights.
Michael Seklecki a dit Fox News that her son was twice barred from boarding flights with Frontier and Spirit Airlines even though he had doctor’s notes regarding a medical exemption for his son.
He says the current mask exemption line has led Frontier Airlines to ban the pair from all flights.
The United States has a nationwide mask mandate for all airlines, airports, and stations in place since 2020, although the CDC’s national order sets out some exemptions for passengers with disabilities.
Lucy Thackray8 December 2021 12:20

Important additions to the Eastern European rail network

Rail timetables across Europe change on Sunday 12 December, and the new edition of the European railway timetables reveals significant additions in Eastern Europe.
The rail link between Odessa in Ukraine and Przemysl in Poland has been re-established, as has international service between Iasi in Romania and Chisinau in Moldova. Between Odessa and Chisinau, trains will run three days a week.
Further north, Allegro express services between St. Petersburg and Helsinki will resume with the start of the new timetable, but will initially only be available to Finnish and Russian citizens.
A train at Chisinau station

(Tony Wheeler)

Simon CalderDecember 8, 2021 11:43 AM

New Covid rules expected but travel restrictions will not change, sources say

Further Covid-related restrictions are due to be announced this week, Whitehall sources told reporters – but travel rules will be kept as is.
“Two Whitehall sources told PoliticsHome that additional Covid restrictions are expected to be announced today, in response to the R-rate hike,” PoliticsHome reporter Noa Hoffman tweeted.
However, she added in a follow-up tweet that the UK’s current set of travel rules will be ‘kept as is’ and ‘treated separately’ from national rules and restrictions.
Lucy ThackrayDecember 8, 2021 10:44 AM

“We cannot have” apartheid travel “: Archbishop denounces travel bans

The Archbishop of Canterbury has called for the lifting of travel bans in some countries due to the emergence of the omicron variant, saying: “We cannot have a ‘travel apartheid’”.
Yesterday afternoon, in a series of tweets, Justin Welby called the bans in countries like South Africa and Namibia “morally wrong” and “self-destructive”, calling for “vaccine equity” instead of closing borders.
“With Omicron set to become the dominant variant in the UK, I call on the UK government to remove Nigeria and South Africa from the red list – as well as all other countries currently on it,” wrote the archbishop.
Lucy ThackrayDecember 8, 2021 9:49 AM

Tui lost £ 4.7million a day amid 2021 restrictions

Holiday giant Tui reported a loss of £ 2.01 billion (£ 1.72 billion) for the 12 months to the end of September 2021 – or nearly £ 5million a day.
Tui only carried 5.4 million passengers in the past year 2021, less than 20% of 2019 levels. But it already has 4.1 million bookings for the current fiscal year.
CEO Fritz Joussen said The independent he was optimistic for the year ahead, saying, “We expect summer 2022 and peak travel season to return to similar booking levels to pre-crown 2019.”
Simon CalderDecember 8, 2021 9:17 AM


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