This Factor Is A ‘Serious Team Blocker’ In The Market From Jake DeBrusk – .

This Factor Is A ‘Serious Team Blocker’ In The Market From Jake DeBrusk – .

The Boston Bruins are a team to watch in the trading market after left-winger agent Jake DeBrusk made his client’s trade request public last week.
Reports say the Bruins are trying to shake things up, but they won’t be in a rush to do anything either. This logic makes sense as the March trade deadline is still a long way off.

Several teams, including the New York Rangers and Vancouver Canucks, have reportedly expressed interest in DeBrusk. He is a former first-round draft pick who averaged 20.67 goals in his first three seasons in the NHL. The problem is, his recent offensive production has been quite weak. He has only scored nine times in 61 games since the start of the 2020-21 season.

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What’s another issue for teams interested in DeBrusk? ESPN’s Emily Kaplan highlighted one in an article published on Wednesday.

“There are two players everyone knows in the trading market, but they weren’t easy deals: Dylan Strome of Chicago and Jake DeBrusk of Boston,” writes Kaplan.

She later added: “It’s a similar situation for DeBrusk, 25, with his arbitration eligibility seriously behind for the teams. There seems to be a lot of interest in the winger; teams I’ve heard related to him this year (and in the past) are the Blues, Flames and Rangers. The Bruins, like the Blackhawks, want to make sure they don’t lose a promising young player in a disappointing trade.

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Not only is DeBrusk in the final year of his contract and eligible for arbitration in the offseason, his qualifying bid stands at nearly $ 4.5 million. That’s a pretty high number for a player whose goal score has plummeted lately. He’s also making $ 4.85 million in salary this season, which is another high number for a player of his caliber.

DeBrusk needs a fresh start. It didn’t work in Boston. He’s already been in good health this season, and his offensive consistency hasn’t improved much.

The Bruins should be working to meet his demand, but they need to get some sort of NHL value in return. Choices and / or prospects aren’t going to help a Bruins team in a win-now mode with several key players over the age of 30.


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