There is an unexpected lesbian in Hallmark’s “Unexpected Christmas” – .

There is an unexpected lesbian in Hallmark’s “Unexpected Christmas” – .

I first heard about the unexpected lesbian in An unexpected Christmas when I saw a tweet arrive on my timeline from a straight mom somewhere in Kansas shouting about how even the Hallmark Christmas movies are no longer safe from The Homosexual Agenda. Which is true in more than one way that this woman could not have known when she had put her little Thanksgiving in shape on social networks. In reality, An unexpected Christmas wasn’t even on our radar because of all the other queer Christmas movies hitting the ground this season.

For example! There are Carmilla la star d’Elise Bauman Under the Christmas tree, come to life. There are Bomb Girls‘ la star d’Ali Liebert Every time a bell rings, coming to Hallmark. There’s Tello’s new vacation romantic comedy, Christmas in Ranch. de Netflix 12 Christmas dates has a whole stocking full of bisexuals. HBO Max Santa, Inc. a Gabourey Sidibe as Goldie, an openly bisexual reindeer. Vh1 to RuPaul’s The bitch who stole Christmas featuring all the drag queens. There’s even a holiday horror movie Keira Knightley / Lily-Rose Depp called Silent night it’s gay and it comes to the movies. Three years ago we had been Carole and that was it!

Should we do “body heat to stay alive”?

Absolutely not, it’s our trope, stay away from it!

Anyway, I love unexpected lesbians, especially when they ruin Christmas for the homophobes, so this little Hallmark song was a hit for me! It starts with a few straights, Jamie and Emily, stealing one of our best fan fiction tropes – fake dates! – as they attend the good times of Christmas with the family of Jamie’s family. But that’s rubbish, because when Jamie and Emily come home for the holidays, we meet Jamie’s sister Becca, who happens to be a divorced lesbian and a single mom who steals the show. She is able to stop Jamie’s incessant whining with her wry verbal punches! It has its own subplot and is more than just a sounding board for the main characters! And she has a scene with Jamie that made me laugh out loud for real!

Everything else in the movie is just a copy and paste from other Hallmark holiday movies, which is fine, honestly; that’s the reason people watch these movies. It also makes Becca’s unexpected homosexuality even more subversive. It was one of the first Hallmark deployments of the season, without any hint of the odd subplot. You have suburban Christian mothers in Central America dozing on the couch to the sound of bells, leftover turkey tucked away in the fridge, when on the roof, what should show up? LESBIANISM!

And in fact, Becca isn’t even the biggest surprise in the movie, but I don’t want to spoil that for you. I want to say. I do. But I won’t.

There isn’t a single vegan option on this whole menu, straight freaks!

My favorite thing about Becca is that she’s single. There is a sort of nod to a romantic connection, but that is by no means the center of its story. Well-written single lesbians on TV are almost as rare as Rudolphs, and with vacations already orchestrated to make singles – especially gay single! – it’s weird, it’s really nice to see a happy single rep here!

An unexpected Christmas has already premiered on Hallmark, but it will air again about three hundred more times in December, including tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

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