The Young and the Restless Spoilers 6 au 10 décembre 2021 – .

The Young and the Restless Spoilers 6 au 10 décembre 2021 – .

In the latest version of Young and restless spoilers for Monday December 6 through Friday December 10, Nick finds himself lost, Ashley and Victor come to a new understanding, Victoria and Adam are put in a usual position (by an even more unlikely person!), and Abby is at head for a revelation: just because Chance is at home doesn’t mean that everything will be fine. Whether it is “normal” even ways in Genoa City! Read on for more details on these spoilers and more …

Young and restless spoilers for Friday, December 3:

In Friday’s recap, Billy hatches a plan against Victor and Adam, and Chance meets his son for the first time.

When Victor puts pressure on his opponents, we think it comes down to who ends up with Chance Comm – or what’s left of it, anyway. Will Newman Media win or will the booty go to Victoria and Ashland, who threw their hats in the ring by offering to keep Lily as CEO?

In a move that’s hardly shocking if you know her, Jill starts a bidding war. May the vultures who pick up the carcass of Chancellor Communications pay top dollar for the privilege of calling it theirs!

Answering our question from above, Lily takes on a new role. Will the change in her fortune cause problems between her and Billy, who managed to put everything they had built in jeopardy on what was her last bet?

Young and restless spoilers week of December 6:

Y&R Restless Rant: Hot topics include Billy’s grand plan to get revenge on Adam putting us back to where we don’t want to be, the upcoming struggles of Chance and Sally not being used.

Young and restless spoilers for Monday, December 6:

Grey’s Anatomy shocking! The vacation relationship could derail two new couples and send more than one character on a downward spiral!

You would think that at this point Victor would not have to warn Victoria about protecting Billy. But Mustache knows only too well what little weakness his daughter has always had for her favorite ex-husband. Heck, we’ve made a whole photo gallery of their love that wouldn’t die. Well, not quite, anyway.

Considering Nick’s efforts to uncover the truth about his future brother-in-law, this isn’t exactly the welcome to the family gift everyone wants! – it makes sense that he wants to clear up in the air with Ashland. The question is, is this even possible at this point?

Since Nikki is pulling out all the stops for Chance’s return, it’s a safe bet that her stepson will return to a three-track circus. Super classy and tasteful, however; let’s be realistic.

de Yellowstone the most overwhelming twist yet! Brace yourselves, fans, as Kelly Reilly teases the reveal that would leave Beth “unattached”!

Young and restless spoilers for Tuesday, December 7:

Their daughter’s recent tsunami of heartbreak and relief has called Victor and Ashley’s bond into question like nothing has since Adam put on a dress and freaked her out until she did. miscarriage. But it’s a new era and a new day, perfect for the former newlyweds to agree on a new game plan.

Unlike her grandmother Jill, Chance struggles to be the center of attention. Suddenly his past struggles – and there were many – seem easy by comparison. (Review her “Wait, when did this to arrive? »Story here.)

With Victoria in charge of the business and even Adam in Victor’s good graces, Nick struggles to feel like a stranger to his family. Maybe he’ll re-evaluate how he put them first – to the point that he lost Phyllis?

Young and restless spoilers for Wednesday, December 8:

When Jack and Phyllis agree to a fresh start, it can only mean one of two things: They have decided that now and forever they reside in the Friends Zone… or they owe it to themselves to find out if they are. just gave one more a try, they could actually do it as a couple.

Put away your flammable items, as sparks are sure to fly when Adam calls for Sally’s help. These two can’t seem to help it. Whether they’re flirting or not, there they are – sparks. If only the show would pull the trigger and pair her with [Spoiler], we ourselves would have a hot love triangle – and then some.

Considering the depth of his feelings for Lily, Billy probably means so when he makes a promise to her. Notice, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he can keep this!

Young and restless spoilers for Thursday, December 9:

Play! When Victor challenges Adam and Victoria, does he risk igniting a new sibling rivalry? Or could the glove he throws actually bring the usual opponents closer together?

Tessa and Noah embark on a new project together. Hope he designs tracing earrings for Mariah because the whole time she was kidnapped was stressful!

Pass the knife, because the tension will surely be thick enough to cut when Lily does her best to keep up appearances with Victoria. On second thought, forget the knife; bring us the chainsaw.

Young and restless spoilers for Friday, December 10:

As Nick and Phyllis discuss their regrets, will they realize that they made a hasty mistake by throwing in the towel on their relationship? Or, as sorry as they are that it didn’t work, will they shake hands and go their separate ways again, as friends?

As happy as it is to be with Abby and their son, Chance still faces a big hurdle: adjusting to civilian life. Could he really end up missing the rush of being in danger, the high of doing something for the greater good?

As Devon opens up to Amanda about Dominic, marvel at how well this final chapter of his life fits in with the unpredictable twists he has taken in the past. The Grimm brothers couldn’t have told a more distant story than the one we’ve summarized in this Devon-centric photo album.

Victor has a habit of getting revenge as if it were Tic-Tacs, but the shoe could be on the other foot if two of the people he tops the list come together. Here’s how an unlikely tag team could pool their resources as well as their anger to, in essence, shave off their mustaches.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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