The only six places in Wales where Covid cases are increasing right now – .

The only six places in Wales where Covid cases are increasing right now – .

Of Wales’ 22 local authorities, only six have seen their coronavirus infection rate increase in the past seven days.
Anglesey saw the largest increase in Covid with a 23% increase in rates in one week – marking a period of sustained increase for the region. WalesOnline compared data from Public Health Wales to see the places in Wales where the virus is spreading the fastest. We compared the numbers released on December 3 with those seven days earlier.

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These figures are seven-day rolling totals for new population-adjusted cases (per 100,000 people). It’s important to remember that while these numbers are a helpful guide, they are only part of the story. If testing increases massively in one location, there will likely be an increase in confirmed cases. However, these figures remain a key factor in the decision-making of the Welsh government and Public Health Wales.

The latest seven-day infection rate in Wales on a case-per-100,000-person basis (for the seven days through November 28) now stands at 470 . See the table at the bottom of this article for all the latest figures across Wales.

Although six regions in Wales saw an increase, only three of them saw Covid growth of more than 1%. These are listed below.


This part of Wales grew 23% in seven days, making it the third highest rate in Wales.


Newport saw an increase of almost 13%, which now places it above the national average.


Although there has been a slight uptick, Torfaen has actually been on a downtrend for several weeks.

This table shows the growth rates in each local authority:

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