The Omicron variant of the coronavirus puts the world on edge – .

Latest news on the vaccine and the Covid-19 booster – .

It is too early to know whether the Omicron variant of the coronavirus causes less severe disease than the Delta variant – despite reports that many cases so far have been mild, Dr Anthony Fauci said on Tuesday.

Most cases of Covid-19 overall are mild, and especially in younger patients. But nonetheless, the virus can cause and cause serious illness as it spreads among populations and has killed 5.2 million people worldwide and more than 779,000 in the United States alone, according to the ‘Johns Hopkins University.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, noted that some South African doctors have reported that the patients they were treating had mild illness. But they were dealing with young people, Fauci said.

“We believe it is too early to say what the level of severity is,” Fauci said during a White House briefing on Covid-19.

“Dr. Walensky and I specifically asked our South African colleagues this on the last Zoom call we had, and they agreed with us that it was too early to tell. They hope that this will, on the whole, result in a lower level of severity, but they don’t know that at the moment, ”he added.

In the meantime, the vaccinations and boosters should protect people, Fauci said. Boosters, in particular, can bring antibody levels to an additional level of protection that can cover even variants of the virus.

“And this is usually manifested most in protection against serious illnesses that lead to hospitalization,” Fauci said.

“So when we say that although these mutations suggest a decrease in protection and a degree of immune evasion, the experience we have with Delta (you) can still draw a reasonable conclusion that you would not rule out all protection.” against this particular variant, ”he said.

“And that’s why we don’t know how much lower protection will be. But we know that when you boost someone, you raise your level of protection very high. And we hope, and I think with good reason, to feel good that there will be some degree of protection. Therefore, as we said, if you are not vaccinated, get vaccinated and if you are vaccinated, get boosted, ”he added.


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