“Thank God, England lost” – .

“Thank God, England lost” – .

An independent review of the violence surrounding the Euro 2020 final has found there would have been “horrific consequences” if England had beaten Italy at Wembley Stadium.
The review, led by Baroness Casey of Blackstock, details how there were a number of “near misses” on July 11 that could have resulted in serious injury or death.

The violence that marred the occasion saw 6,000 people without tickets breaching security to enter the stadium.

‘Horrific’ consequences would have followed a victory for Gareth Southgate’s side, a London emergency services official said, saying: ‘I can guarantee we would have been on our knees. “

A Sports Grounds Safety Authority official added: “Thank goodness England lost. If they had won you would have had to open the doors to let people out and the stadium would have been taken by storm.

The review confirms that there were 17 ‘massive breaches’ with up to 2,000 ticketless fans who were entered for the game, which saw England draw 1-1 with Italy ahead of lose 3-2 on penalties.

In addition, 400 fans were kicked out as the review detailed the extent of stewardship issues for the London game.

The review confirms: “There were stewardship issues during the tournament and these issues were known to the FA and its partners… before the final. “

Fans attempted to force entry into Wembley Stadium 90 minutes before kick-off until a penalty shoot-out.

An FA official explained how the individuals stood like “zombies”, without even watching the game on their phones, waiting to enter.

Ticketless fans followed or used more forceful methods in 17 massive breaches of disabled access doors and emergency fire doors.

The review indicates that supporters who enter the stadium illegally “endanger the lives of legitimate supporters and staff”.

Some fans have been more deceptive in their methods, with one posing as a steward and another hijacking a disabled child in a wheelchair, separating him from his father.

“I am clear that we were close to the life-changing deaths and / or injuries of some, potentially many, present,” concluded Baroness Casey.

“That this is happening anywhere in 21st century Britain is cause for concern. That this is happening in our national stadium, and on the day of our biggest football game in 55 years, is a source of national shame. “

It was the ‘perfect storm’, the review concludes, with the government easing restrictions on Covid-19 at the same time as England’s first appearance in a major final since 1966.


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