Tesla officially ends the forgotten Model Y variant – .

Tesla officially ends the forgotten Model Y variant – .

Tesla has officially ruled out the possibility of the Model Y’s long-range rear-drive variant going into production. Earlier this week, the company updated Tesla owners’ accounts with this vehicle reservation, advising them to change their orders.

In February 2021, Teslarati revealed that the Model Y’s long-range rear-wheel drive setup would not go into production, a move that came as a shock to many who held a reservation for the vehicle. Tesla employees informed us that the automaker has no plans to put this variant into production. At the time, the reasons were not clear. CEO Elon Musk later revealed that Tesla’s product line is reaching levels that are just too complex. Musk was right, and the Model Y became Tesla’s best-selling vehicle in less than two years, all without the long-range rear-drive variant.

Tesla cancels Model Y long-range RWD variant and honors FSD award from pre-order date

There was still some hope. Tesla usually makes adjustments to its product line and the inclusion of a new variant can be announced in the blink of an eye. Just check out how Tesla revealed the Cybertruck will have a Quad-Motor variant, which was announced yesterday.

Tesla is officially dropping the forgotten Model Y variant. Account pages have been updated to read:

“Your current configuration is no longer available. Update your order in your Tesla Account.

In February, when Tesla told us that the LR RWD variant of the Model Y would not be built, the company said owners would be able to keep their Full Self-Driving price when they book. For many of these reservation holders, it was $ 7,000. The price is currently $ 10,000, and it’s unclear whether Tesla will honor the FSD award now that owners of the long-range rear-wheel-drive Model Y will have to choose another variant of the car.

Tesla is set to produce the Model Y at its Gigafactory Texas factory and Gigafactory Berlin factory. The Model Y is currently built at the company’s Fremont plant in Northern California and the Shanghai Gigafactory in China. While the Model Y variants currently include two all-wheel drive options, it’s no surprise that Tesla is also scrapping any plans for an LR RWD variant of the all-electric crossover. Tesla also canceled the standard-range rear-wheel-drive variant of the Model Y in the United States in February. Tesla still manufactures this vehicle in the Chinese market.

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Tesla officially ends the forgotten Model Y variant


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