Tesco workers to strike days before Christmas for wage increases as buyers could miss delivery slots – .

Tesco workers to strike days before Christmas for wage increases as buyers could miss delivery slots – .

TESCO workers are due to strike just days before Christmas, as well as during critical home delivery times.
Warehouse workers have already been warned they could lose their annual bonus or be made redundant if they go on strike as scheduled later this month.


Some buyers could see their Christmas orders delayed if strikes impact deliveriesCredit: AFP

The supermarket chain could face problems filling its Christmas deliveries this year, however, as the planned strikes add to the time that buyers have reserved their orders.

Tesco buyers were already furious as they had to queue for Christmas delivery slots in November.

Over 300,000 hours of wait to reserve, so devastation is sure to be on its way if the store can’t deliver on its promise on delivery times.

But the supermarket is not worried that orders will be impacted.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We have worked hard to bring Christmas to our customers and are confident that we will be able to deliver on our plans.

“We welcome the decision of our colleagues at the sites who voted against industrial action.

“We are disappointed that some voted to go ahead and we have contingency plans in place to help mitigate the impacts. “

The action is set to take place primarily on December 20, which is less than a week from the big day itself, and just like Christmas online orders are due to ship.

The Usdaw union plans to take action at five locations across the UK, including one in Livingston, to date.

The strikes are expected to take place for another five days after that, until Christmas Day.

Before that, the Didcot and Doncaster sites as well as two other sites in Antrim and Belfast are also expected to host strikes from December 16, which is only 11 days away.

Workers are voting for a back-to-back wage strike.

Tesco had proposed a 4% pay rise, while workers argue that is not enough.

But they are hoping for a quick reaction from the company if they are to avoid any disruption to Christmas orders, as they are only a few weeks away.

The Tesco spokesperson said: “Our colleagues in distribution have worked tirelessly during the pandemic to keep products moving for customers.

“The salary offer we have made is a fair recognition of this and is one of the highest awards awarded within our distribution business over the past 25 years, building on our compensation and highly competitive rewards. “

While this does not necessarily affect buyers’ orders, other strikes are also expected to take place after Christmas.

Do I have the right to strike?

Legall, you have the right to take industrial action, according to the government anyway.

You cannot be compelled to stay or return to work unless a vote has been properly organized.

But if you do decide to take industrial action, you will probably have broken your employment contract.

This means that your employer is unlikely to pay for the work you didn’t do when you took industrial action.

In some extreme cases, they might even sue you for breach of contract, although this doesn’t happen often.

Tesco isn’t the first supermarket to deal with disgruntled workers, Asda workers were locked in a dispute over changes to their own contracts in 2019, and told they could be fired if they did not sign the new agreements.

I work at Tesco, someone walked in without a debit card and didn’t move until I helped them set up Apple Pay

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