SZA, FKA twigs, Doja Cat, Mary J. Blige – .

SZA, FKA twigs, Doja Cat, Mary J. Blige – .

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I don’t hate it! : SZA, “I hate you” – Another liminal delight from SZA, which tends to bask in the feelings between love and hate. A relaxed tempo and true yacht-rock keyboard underscore lovelorn “fuck yous” and the overall idea of ​​hating someone because you love them so much. (Prince did something very similar on ” Eye hates you”From 1995 I.) Despite the song’s title, it’s not a kiss but a reminder. And wow, when that nimble hook makes its way, it’s enough to make even the most ardent of enemies fall in love. – Rich Juzwiak

Yuh: Cat Doja, “Woman” – I’m a little worried about Doja Cat. She explained how her career had an impact on his happiness and her free time, and she admitted that she constantly engages in projects that she doesn’t have the bandwidth for. It’s not surprising ; She’s had an unbroken streak of hit songs, inventive music videos, and viral live performances, and there’s no sign she’s slowing down. I watched the new video for Doja’s song “Woman” both blown away by the visuals and worried that Doja was miserable in making it all happen. Doja can sing, she can rap, and she can dance. I just want her to be happy on top of all that! Side Note: Loved Teyana Taylor’s cameo! —Ashley Reese

Yes, beautiful: Mary J. Blige, “Good Morning Gorgeous” – For someone on the cusp of having 14 studio albums in the depths of their career, Mary J. Blige could do a lot worse than that. The title song of his recently announced album, Hello beauty, has a concept worthy of a legend: taking care of yourself through affirmation. Mary J. Blige literally said to herself, “Hello, beautiful,” reasoning, “No one else can make me feel that way. The track, which Blige co-wrote with HER, among his collaborators, has a bluesy lurch and its video finds Blige at one point singing to herself in lingerie in the mirror. Everything is cleverly dramatic – Blige means iconic here, and for once the adjective really fits. — RJ

C’est mignon : FKA twigs ft. Central Cee, « Measure of a Man » – I have nothing negative to say about this. Twigs is quirky as usual, the visuals are ethereal but crisp, and I’m going to have twigs circling “mAAAAAAaaaaaaAAANnnn” stuck in my head all weekend. It’s a little more mundane than his usual fare, and it doesn’t have the climax of a song like ” cellophane», But I don’t blame him. Let the twigs change it up a bit. -WITH

Y: Khalid with Majid Jordan, “Open” – What could have been just another enjoyable midtempo is enhanced by hyper-syncopated 1/8 Timbaland-style beats (the extremely ’90s acoustic guitars wandering around help complete the look). In terms of direct lines to be drawn, nothing strikes me more than Jon B’s ”They do not know » (his radio remix in particular) an absolutely fantastic track to remember. Thanks Khalid and Majid Jordan. — RJ


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