Strictly Come Dancing 2021: Quarter-Final – Live

Labyrinthine Covid Reminder System Is The Real Reason For The Delays

Good evening everyone and welcome to this week’s Strictly Come Dancing live blog! It’s week 11, which means the quarterfinals are upon us. Only five couples remain, and it’s the shortest show of the season at just 57 minutes. As a longtime liveblogger, thank you from the bottom of my worn out fingers.

We’re doing salsa / tango tonight – two salsas, one tango, one Argentine tango and one American Smooth token. That’s what happens when you practice difficult dance avoidance for the entire series – next week’s two-dance semi will be like a Boxing Day buffet of unwanted Latin leftovers.

The random kick-off time tonight is 6:40 p.m., so bring snacks, drinks, pets, kids, and your favorite electronic device. See you!


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