Soft! New Brunswick Moves Up to Third on List of World’s Largest Maple Syrup Producers – .

Why Canada is opening its maple syrup vault – .

As the maple syrup superpowers Quebec and Vermont battled harsh late winter weather last spring, the sap flowed freely in New Brunswick and propelled the province to the third largest producer in the world. , according to new figures.
“We had a good season, better than last year. That’s all I can say, really, ”said Louise Poitras of the New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association.

On Wednesday, Statistics Canada reported that New Brunswick produced a record 4.7 million kilograms (786,000 gallons) of maple syrup and maple products earlier this year, a sharp increase of 40 for cent compared to 2020.

It has been a rare good year among maple producing jurisdictions, which are primarily clustered in eastern North America.

Quebec is the main world producer with three quarters of the world production of maple syrup in good years. But unfavorable weather conditions in March reduced the sap flow from the wayward maple trees, causing production to drop 24%.

Maple products produced in New Brunswick, primarily syrup, brought in a record $ 31.7 million this year. (Ingrid Munroe / Submitted)

Vermont, the world’s second largest player, suffered a similar 21% drop, according to Burlington Free Press reports, while former world number three New York State was down 20%.

The drop in New York coupled with the increase in New Brunswick tipped both places on the list of the world’s largest maple syrup producers. New Brunswick moved up to third and New York fell to fourth.

Quebec producers made international headlines last month by announcing their intention to release nearly 23 million kilograms of syrup stored in its “strategic reserve” to offset production deficits.

Sap normally flows best through maple trees in late winter or early spring, when temperatures are below freezing at night and above freezing during the day.

The production of maple syrup in eastern North America declined considerably in 2021, except in New Brunswick where it increased by 40%. (Hallie Cotnam/CBC)

Deviations from this pattern can dramatically disrupt flows, which has happened in almost every Canadian province and US producer state this year, with the exception of New Brunswick.

Mother Nature is always a factor. If we have good temperatures, good weather, then we have production, ”said Poitras.

“What happened in Quebec is that they had a short season.

New Brunswick has become a success story for maple syrup. It has tripled its production in the past 15 years, with the province dedicating thousands of new hectares of Crown land to industry. Estimates are that producers made a record $ 31.7 million this year.

Maple syrup production in New Brunswick has tripled since 2006, with 14,000 hectares of tapped maple trees annually. (SRC)

In a press release, the New Brunswick government said it was “happy” to see the growth.

Ontario, which briefly attempted to declare itself the second-largest syrup producer in Canada after New Brunswick had a bad year in 2018, also experienced production problems this year and fell even further behind its schedule. rival.

According to Statistics Canada, Ontario produced 2.8 million kilograms of syrup and related products in 2021, 41% less than New Brunswick production.


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