so do i need travel insurance now? – .

so do i need travel insurance now? – .

“Consumers should be aware that most travel insurance plans with medical benefits now treat Covid like any other illness that you might contract while traveling or that could prevent you from going on a trip,” said Carol Mueller, vice president by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection. “If you become ill before your trip, you will need a medical certificate confirming your illness and indicating that you cannot travel to be entitled to benefits. The benefits are the same whether you get Omicron, another variant of Covid, or any disease for that matter. “

Buyers should read the policies carefully and look for those that exclude pandemics, Covid-19 and its variants. To make a claim, you must have purchased travel insurance before you fell ill.

“We always say that you can’t buy auto insurance after you’ve already had an accident,” said Meghan Walch, product manager of InsureMyTrip, an insurance sales site. “It’s designed for unforeseen problems. You must buy it before an event.

No, most policies do not cover you if your foreign destination closes its borders to visitors, as Israel recently did. With a few exceptions, this also applies to a government-issued travel warning to a destination, which is usually not a covered reason for making a claim.

The Cancellation for Any Reason provisions, or CFAR, would allow you to claim some of your non-refundable expenses if you decide not to go on a trip for any reason, including border closures or fear to contract Covid. The catch is that this form of insurance, in addition to being more expensive, usually has to be purchased within a day or two of booking the trip and will only reimburse 50-75% of the cost of the trip. non-refundable travel.


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