slow start of the London revival campaign – .

slow start of the London revival campaign – .

There has been a 15% increase in boosters donated in the capital since the announcement on Saturday of the UK’s first case of the Omicron variant.

But many Londoners are being refused vaccination centers – which have yet to extend their opening hours – unless they have made an appointment and waited six months since their second vaccination.

There were also no signs of new clinics that Boris Johnson had promised ‘would pop up like Christmas trees’ or details of the 16 additional hospitals promised across England by Health Secretary Sajid. Javid.
A doctor told The Standard that those under 40 were unlikely to be offered a booster until mid-December at the earliest – and warned that it was equally important to maintain efforts to provide a first vaccine to some 2.5 million unvaccinated Londoners.
In six vaccination clinics in east London visited by The Standard yesterday afternoon, only one – in Westfield Stratford – offered walk-in injections. Others only offered jabs one more day per week or at restricted times.
Many jab-seekers, in light of the Prime Minister’s offer on Tuesday of a reminder to all adults by the end of January, have been turned away.
The standard was told that securing the vaccinators was probably the biggest challenge. The councils said they were awaiting instructions from the NHS on when to increase capacity.
There has also been a delay in amending vaccination regulations to allow for the administration of boosters after three months instead of six.
NHS figures show 139,538 reminders were administered in London between Saturday and Tuesday, 15.4% or 18,622 more than in the same period a week earlier.


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