Sergio Perez worried about ‘unnecessary’ danger of Jeddah track for Saudi Arabian GP – .

Sergio Perez worried about ‘unnecessary’ danger of Jeddah track for Saudi Arabian GP – .

Sergio Perez believes the Jeddah Corniche circuit is too “dangerous” – and fears the first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix could be marred by a big crash.
Barely completed on time, the new track is an unknown amount to everyone and has so far lived up to all predictions – that it will be incredibly fast and thrilling, with blind corners and ready-made barriers. punish every mistake.

Luckily qualifying came with the only significant crash right at the end when Perez’s Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen ruined his chance for pole position by hitting the wall on the last corner – he had to stop the car on the right way but only his pride was hurt, fortunately.

However, Charles Leclerc had a big shunt in FP2 and Perez believes the risk factor is excessive, admitting he’s concerned about what might happen on race day.

“It’s a very nice circuit, very dangerous even though there are a lot of turning straights, corners and blind corners,” said Perez, who qualified fifth, quoted by The Race.

“When you look at some of the in-car devices, it’s pretty scary. I hope for nothing [bad] arrive tomorrow.

“I just think the track is a little too risky for no reason, with the speeds we get with the deltas around the track of some other cars, and it’s kinda pointless.

“But I think that’s probably something we can revisit after the weekend. “

Perez doesn’t think the problems are limited to qualifying, because in the Grand Prix itself if you “run close up a little mishap can get really, really bad”.

The 31-year-old also spoke about the physical nature of the circuit for the drivers, which accompanies the territory on street tracks due to the level of concentration required as any mistakes can come at a high cost.

“It’s quite demanding,” said Perez. “This place and this track are extremely demanding. It puts a lot of stress on your body and mentally, session after session to be there, it was not easy.

Perez added that qualifying was “dominated by the tires, essentially”.

He added, “We really struggled with that. In the end, the approach we took for Q3 was probably not ideal. I couldn’t match my lap time in Q2 on the mids and it’s not an ideal result.

“But the race will be so long, there is still so much to play, so anything can happen. “


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