Season 5, Episode 10 – What’s Bell’s Diagnosis? – .

Season 5, Episode 10 – What’s Bell’s Diagnosis? – .

The the following post contains spoilers for The residentthe fall finale of season 5. Proceed with caution!

Laboratory results are available and The residentDr Bell is sick with… uh, something!

Tuesday’s fall finale ended with an infuriating cliffhanger, in which Conrad sat Bell down to give him his (potentially grim) medical diagnosis – but the episode ended just as Conrad was about to announce the news.

“We always knew that one of our characters would find out what was wrong with Bell, but we wouldn’t tell anyone until the winter finale,” executive producer Andrew Chapman shares with TVLine. “Bell’s diagnosis and how he manages it will be a major scenario going forward. “

As Conrad performed tests on Bell in Tuesday’s episode – following Bell’s recent experiences with hand tremors and blurred vision – the two doctors were initially encouraged by Bell’s normal vital signs. . But, as Bell was quick to point out, a more disturbing culprit like cancer or stroke could still emerge from subsequent tests. And while Chapman isn’t free to share what, exactly, the veteran surgeon is suffering from, he does confirm that “this is going to be a big deal” not just for Bell, but for Kit, in future episodes.

“There’s this wonderful scene in the winter finale where Kit says, ‘Look, I know there’s something else going on with you, and when you’re ready, you tell me.’ And we found this scene super moving, ”he says. “He’s going to have to explain to her what’s going on, and they’re going to have to deal with it together.” We really see them as a founding couple on the show. They’re the hospital’s powerful couple, so they kind of set the tone.

The uncertainty that now hangs over Bell’s life and career is reminiscent of an earlier storyline in Season 5 in which former Bell mentor Dr Kranepool was forced to admit he was no longer equipped for perform surgical procedures. While Bell potentially faces this same reality, Chapman confirms that the Kranepool incident will linger with him.

“We wanted that to foreshadow what’s going to happen with Bell because we knew this bump was going to happen a long time ago. We planned it, ”the EP tells us. “This is going to be a central scenario for Bell. How do you deal with your own diagnosis, your own illness, and your own ability to be a surgeon, and at a certain age? So what do you do ? That’s a great question, and we’ll dive into it head first.

Meanwhile, the fall finale also hosted Gotham alum Kaley Ronayne as Cade Sullivan, a double-boarded physician from Atlanta General who helped Chastain’s overwhelmed emergency room with a particularly puzzling case. But even after receiving a job offer to become the new ER doctor that Devon was tirelessly seeking to replace him, Cade was suspicious of his previous stays at other hospitals – and several internet searches for his name did. gave no results. According to Chapman, Cade’s murky story “isn’t a random thing” that will resolve itself quickly in the series. Rather, it will be “intertwined, inextricably linked, to where we go forward with the show”.

“The mystery of his past is something that is going to blend very well with the big general theme of the second half of the season,” he reveals. “It will be extremely explosive… It’s very central, and what they find out about it will have direct consequences on the episodes until the end of this season. “

Your turn, Resident Fans! What did you think of the fall finale – and what do you think Bell is sick? Rate the episode in our poll below, then drop a comment to clarify your choice!


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