Restaurant owner advises customers after ‘shocking behavior’ – .

Restaurant owner advises customers after ‘shocking behavior’ – .

A saddened restaurateur criticized the “shocking behavior” of potential guests after 40% of customers did not show up one night.
No-show customers plague the hospitality industry, leaving tables empty and depriving businesses of paying customers at a time when many restaurants are already struggling due to staff shortages and Covid closures.

One owner has had enough, claiming he was forced to report a ‘credit card guarantee’ for all Friday and Saturday night bookings for more than 2 people, meaning no-shows will be charged if they don’t show up.

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Andrew Flynn, 42, has been running Mustard & Co., one of Crosby’s top-rated restaurants for three years.

He said 14 customers across four tables did not show up for the dinner service on Saturday, November 27, followed by two more on Sundays.

At around £ 80 per person, that’s around £ 1,000 the restaurant could have fetched one night but didn’t.

Andrew told ECHO: “We always get no-shows. Usually, you might get one every other night, or one per night, in the worst case.

“But it was very frustrating on Saturday because it’s literally the end of our November menu before December, and obviously you’ve got the stock. You want to get rid of everything for this menu.

“I mean, 14 is unusual, but it was pretty shocking.

“It’s shocking behavior not even to get a call from the customer. This is simply not correct. “

Restaurant owner Andrew Flynn, 42, described the Mustard & Co. team as passionate and caring

The modern European restaurant, rated 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor, employs four full-time chefs who work all week preparing pastries and sauces for the four days of service Thursday through Sunday.

Mustard & Co. offers a two-course lunch for £ 25, a five-course tasting lunch for £ 40 and a brand new ‘exquisite afternoon tea’ of pastries and Italian Glacial Bubbly for £ 25.

They also serve an eight-course evening tasting menu, from artisan bread to a main course of game or mushroom and finished with the ‘pastry chef’s selection of artisanal sweets’, all for £ 75.

Mustard & Co. serves modern European cuisine at 84 College Road in Crosby

Customers often need three hours to work their way through the eight-course experience, which means the restaurant can only reserve a table once per night.

With long waiting lists and thousands of social media followers, a call to Mustard & Co.’s Instagram story can quickly fill a table left empty by an early-evening no-show.

But many no-shows take place after 7 p.m., when people have long been planning to have dinner, Andrew said.

Four full-time chefs prepare the dishes at the 4.5-star Mustard & Co. restaurant in Crosby

A no-show results in an orange card for that guest, followed by a red card if repeated, at which point Andrew can decide if he wants to accept other bookings from that person.

Fortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.

He told ECHO: “Just make sure you tell your restaurant. People have to know somehow in advance, except in extreme cases, whether or not they are going.

“It’s not really fair to book more than one restaurant for one night. People really need to start thinking about what’s going on the other end, especially given the foreclosure and the restaurant industry that’s absolutely hammered on. “

Speaking of Saturday night, he said: “To be honest, we were all pretty deflated because we were all ready to empty the food. We literally have a new menu that just started this week.

“We have a very passionate staff. Everyone cares here. The chefs are really passionate.

“They want to do the right thing and really want to push for certain prices for the industry. We’re all a very passionate team so it really touched everyone. “


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