Republican recriminations point to rocky path to majority at home – .

Republican recriminations point to rocky path to majority at home – .

Ms Omar said such a confrontation did not take place. In an appeal made by Ms Boebert on Monday – ostensibly to offer contrition – the situation only evolved further, as Ms Boebert refused to apologize and instead asked Ms Omar to publicly ask for forgiveness for “anti-American” comments.

Democrats weren’t the only ones condemning Ms Boebert’s behavior. Ms Mace, a much-loved newcomer and the first female to graduate from Citadel Military College, appeared on CNN to say, “I have repeatedly condemned my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for racist tropes and remarks. which I find disgusting. , and it is no different from the others.

Ms Greene, who like Ms Boebert is Mr Trump’s favorite, criticized Ms Mace on social media and on Stephen K. Bannon’s show “War Room,” and condemned Republican leaders.

“They’re always all over us whenever we say or do anything, but it’s the Nancy Maces who should be called out,” Ms. Greene told Mr. Bannon. She added that she, not Ms Mace, represented the Republican base, a comment supported by others on the far right, including Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar.

Rep. Peter Meijer, Republican of Michigan, defended Ms Mace.

“Nancy is a serious lawmaker who rolls up her sleeves and looks for solutions where they can be found, like the federal decriminalization of cannabis, but also digs and fights when progressives put politics above politics,” said Mr. Meijer. “I can’t think of a single credible thing that those attacking her tried to accomplish. “

Republican leaders found themselves pointing fingers at their Democratic counterparts, who they said had also taken no action against members who crossed the lines, whether through anti-Israel comments or exhortations. to protesters who they said encouraged violence.


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