Ranked Chocolate Jars: Best Value – and Which Has the Most of Your Favorite Chocolate?

Ranked Chocolate Jars: Best Value – and Which Has the Most of Your Favorite Chocolate?

As Christmas approaches, jars of chocolate are making their annual appearance in homes across the country.

Few homes will be without a jar of Celebrations, Quality Street, Roses or Heroes during the holiday season, but consumer expert research. discovered that some brands have a better mix of sugary treats than others.

Research looked at which box of chocolate offers consumers the best value and which offers the best choice.

Who? found that there is rarely an even distribution of chocolates in a tub – fans of Quality Street’s Green Triangle and Celebration’s Galaxy Caramels will likely be disappointed.

Celebrations offer the least variety, compared to other tubs. Photo Which one?

Celebrations are good for nut lovers, heroes for éclairs, fudges, double layers and creamed eggs, Quality Street for fudge and roses for plain chocolate treats, according to research.

If you are a nutty chocolate fan, then Celebrations is the best option, with Which? noting that he had an average of 12 Snickers per tub.

There were also 12 MilkyWays, but 50% less Galaxy Caramel and Galaxy bars.

On average there were 11 Mars bars per box, eight Maltesers Teasers and Bounty bars but only seven Twix bars.

The Celebrations box has the least variety of all chocolate boxes – containing only eight different types.

Fudge and Lightning appear the most in a selection of heroes. Photo Which one?

The Cadbury Heroes box contained more eclairs and fudges than any other chocolate – nine of each – versus five Twirls and Wispas.

Milk milk chocolates appear most often in Pink jars. Photo Which one?

Quality Street also offers a wide selection, with nine Pink Fudges on average, compared to four Green Triangles and four Orange Crunchs.

There are lots of toffees, toffees, and fruit creams and a box of Quality Street has the most variety in its jar – with 11 different types of chocolate.

Street quality chocolate options.  Photo Which one?
Quality Street offers the widest variety of boxes of chocolate. Photo Which one?

Who? The roses found are a good option for those who enjoy plain chocolate, with nine Dairy Milk bars per jar, while the fudge and truffles averaging just four per jar.

They’re also a good option for people who enjoy caramel and fruit cream, as they came in second after Dairy Milk with an average of eight in a jar.

Who? experts recommend going for a 600g or 650g jar which tends to offer better value for money.


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