Putin and West Spar on NATO’s military ties with Ukraine – .

Putin and West Spar on NATO’s military ties with Ukraine – .

MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir V. Putin on Wednesday demanded “legal guarantees” that the NATO alliance will never extend east, raising the stakes as the West scrambles to respond to the strengthening military of Russia near Ukraine.

Putin, who has increasingly described Ukraine’s deepening military partnership with the United States and other NATO countries as an existential threat, said Moscow is keen to start talks with the United States. ‘West to reach an agreement that would block the expansion of the alliance. He spoke amid what Western officials describe as a growing threat of military action by tens of thousands of Russian troops massing near the border with Ukraine – a former Soviet nation seeking to join the alliance western.

“The threat to our western borders is indeed increasing, as we have said on several occasions,” Putin said during a ceremony for ambassadors at the Kremlin on Wednesday. “In our dialogue with the United States and its allies, we will insist on the development of concrete agreements prohibiting any further eastward expansion of NATO and the placement of weapons systems in close proximity to Russian territory. “

Mr. Putin’s request is a failure for NATO, whose officials say they are determined to allow each country to choose its alliances for itself. Foreign ministers of NATO member countries met on Wednesday in Latvia, a former Soviet republic bordering Russia, as a sign of the alliance’s cohesion and support for its former Soviet member states.


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