Prince William, Kate’s silence on Meghan Markle’s victory in court “speaks volumes”: report – .

Prince William, Kate’s silence on Meghan Markle’s victory in court “speaks volumes”: report – .

Experts recently shared their thoughts on how Prince William and Kate Middleton’s silence over Meghan Markle’s victory in the privacy tribunal “will speak volumes.”

Royal commentator Liam Gilliver made the claim in his new play for The Mirror.

There he wrote: “Aside from the hilarious stunt of the continued publication, Meghan’s statement is quite poignant. Even if you don’t like her, you have to admit that she’s right about it.

“But awkwardly twiddling his thumbs and remaining silent is none other than the rest of the royal family, Kate Middleton and Prince William. “

He also went on to write: “Instead of words of support for their own brother and sister-in-law, the couple decided to post on… Fabergé Eggs. Now, if my loved ones were harassed, I would be pretty upset for them.

“It doesn’t help to suspect that Kate and William never really cared that Meghan received vitriolic and invasive social media comments on a daily basis – or how it impacted her sanity and her ability to stay. close to the monarchy. “

“Because even though they weren’t part of that system, Kate and William certainly benefited from it. The more people disliked Meghan and Harry, the brighter Kate and William were. The more criticism Meghan received, the more invisible Kate became.

“If Meghan’s outfit was ill-fitting and unoriginal, Kate’s was elegant and breathtaking. Even women’s penchant for lawyers has managed to receive opposing responses.

Before concluding, Mr Gilliver also added: “And as pessimistic as it sounds, the Cambridges don’t seem to really care. Or at least, nothing in their actions says they do.


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