Prince George’s Favorite Dinner Revealed By Father Prince William – And It’s A Classic – .

Prince George’s Favorite Dinner Revealed By Father Prince William – And It’s A Classic – .

Most kids have that thing they love to sit down for dinner after a long day at school – including Prince George.

Her favorite food has already been revealed by her proud father, Prince William, to TV chef Aldo Zilli, and it’s an Italian classic.

So what does the young prince love so much? Spaghetti carbonara, apparently!

Aldo previously told FEMAIL: “'[William’s] amazing – I’m waiting for the call because apparently his little boy’s favorite is spaghetti carbonara, so I’m waiting for the call to go cook it for him.

“If George has my carbonara he will never have another, so I have to go, let’s start the debate, send me to the palace to cook!” “

Prince George with his parents Kate Middleton and Prince William


Christian Charisius/dpa)

This isn’t the first time that a Cambridge children’s favorite dish has been revealed.

The Duchess of Cambridge once spoke about Princess Charlotte’s favorite snack – and this is very unusual – olives.

Kate revealed her daughter’s favorite food during a visit to Lavender Primary School in north London in 2019.

TV chief Aldo Zilli


Birmingham Courier)

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During the visit to the school, she also revealed that she taught George as well as Charlotte to cook.

She said her kids love to “make salads and stuff,” as well as their signature dish, pasta and cheese.

Meanwhile, when it comes to Prince Louis, his favorite dish is beetroot.

Prince George with his younger sister, Princess Charlotte


Getty Images)

While filming with Mary Berry for a Christmas TV special in 2019, Kate disclosed, “We’ve got carrots, beans, beets – a big favorite – Louis loves beets. “

However, there is one royal who never tells anyone what their favorite food is, and that’s the queen.

And there’s a pretty good reason why what she loves most is being kept a secret.

A royal insider has explained how the Queen does not disclose her favorite food before traveling so that it is not served the same everywhere she goes.

As reported by The Express, Gordon Rayner, a former royal correspondent for the Telegraph who has covered more than 20 royal tours, said he discovered this fact from a member of royal staff.

He said: “As one of his employees told me, ‘If she said she had a favorite food, she would never get served anything else.’ “

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