Prince Charles’ Ex-Assistant Coordinates With “Fixers” To Appoint Saudi Billionaire With Honors, Investigation Says

Prince Charles’ Ex-Assistant Coordinates With “Fixers” To Appoint Saudi Billionaire With Honors, Investigation Says

Prince Charles’ closest former aide coordinated with the “fixers” of an honored nomination from a Saudi billionaire who donated to his charity, an investigation has revealed.

Former royal valet Michael Fawcett is accused of promising to help secure a knight’s title and British citizenship for Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, who denies any wrongdoing.

Monsieur Fawcett resigned from his post of managing director of the Prince’s Foundation after the allegations came to light. He was also involved in sending money from the donor’s foundation to another charity, including Charles was previously a patron, it has been revealed.

Former royal valet Michael Fawcett has resigned after the allegations

Dame Sue Bruce, president of the Prince’s Foundation, described the recent crises surrounding the future king’s charity as a “difficult chapter,” but said “lessons will be learned” to ensure the charity acts with “the most great integrity and probity ”.

Clarence House said, “It is important to His Royal Highness that the charities that bear his name operate to the highest standards, in accordance with the rules set by the charity regulators.

“We are taking this opportunity to strengthen the advice to these charities, especially with regard to their relations with supporters. “

Clarence House previously said the prince had “no knowledge” of the honors money scandal.

In September, the Prince of Wales and Mr Fawcett were reported to police about allegations of cash compensation.

Republic, who campaigns for an elected head of state, criticized the “glaring hole” in the investigation into what Charles knew about the negotiations.

Graham Smith of Republic said, “How could a CEO of a charity get honors or meetings with Prince Charles without Charles knowing what was going on?”

Michael Fawcett was the Prince’s closest former collaborator

“It’s not credible, but the charity has carefully avoided any questions about Charles, leaving a glaring hole in their investigation. “

The investigation revealed that Mr. Fawcett and another anonymous senior official were involved in a transfer of money from the Mahfouz Foundation, founded by Dr. bin Mahfouz, to the Foundation for Children and the Arts (CATA), which is half gone. Prince Charles ceased to be a patron of CATA in early 2019.

The activity took place without the knowledge of the Princely Foundation, without any approval, according to the investigation.

The Charity Commission has opened an investigation into the Mahfouz Foundation over allegations that donations intended for the Prince’s Foundation have instead gone to CATA.

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The Prince’s Foundation initially received £ 100,000 from Russian banker Dmitry Leus, via the Mahfouz Foundation, but Charles’s charity ethics committee rejected the money and it was returned.

Mr Fawcett has quit his job in the Royal Household twice previously, including in 2003 when, as Charles’ personal assistant, he was charged and cleared by an investigation into the sale of royal gifts, but he did was found to have accepted valuable gifts from strangers.


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