Prince Andrew ‘incredibly stressed’ cancels Christmas so legal team can focus on case – .

Prince Andrew ‘incredibly stressed’ cancels Christmas so legal team can focus on case – .

Prince Andrew has ordered his US legal team to “cancel Christmas” and prepare for a key court date in his sexual assault case.

The Duke of York asked his legal team to “leave no stone unturned” ahead of the Jan. 4 hearing, described as his “last attempt” to obtain allegations that he abused a teenage girl.

Royal sources say he is “totally engrossed” in the legal battle and has stayed awake until the end of the night to maintain constant conversation with his California-based attorneys. Next Monday, they are expected to present their final findings to New York court before a decision is made in the New Year on whether the Duke will face a full trial.

Virginia Giuffre is suing Andrew in civil courts. He is charged with ‘first degree rape’ amid allegations that he forced Ms Giuffre, also known as Virginia Roberts, to have sex with him three times in 2001 when she was a victim of the deals worldwide by the late pedophile friend of the royal Jeffrey Epstein.

Virginia Giuffre sues Andrew in civil courts



In August, she sued the Queen’s son for unspecified damages that could run into the millions of pounds if she succeeds. Sources close to the Duke say he has become “incredibly stressed” in recent weeks after fearing his team’s strategy of not responding publicly to the claims will fail.

Insiders also suggest he is extremely worried about the financial burden he has placed on the Queen, who has agreed to personally cover his spiraling legal costs, which could run into the millions. Prince Andrew has denied these allegations.

A source close to Andrew said: “The tension in the camp is palpable. No one is really sure about Andrew’s involvement other than asking a lot of questions, but he spends his days and nights mulling over documents.

Virginia Giuffre was trafficked around the world by the royal’s late pedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein


Florida Department of Law Enforc)

“He’s totally consumed by it, keeping most of the irregular work schedules so he can be in touch with his team.

“He was particularly stressed a few days ago and we heard him scolding one of the team members. The feeling was that he was telling them to effectively cancel Christmas and fully understand all the possibilities of what might happen in the case so that there are, as he put it, “no more surprises” .

“This is really a last ditch attempt to get the case closed and if it doesn’t succeed he knows they are all potentially involved for the long haul. “

Insiders also suggest Prince Andrew is extremely worried about the financial burden he has placed on the Queen


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The Duke’s team want the “baseless lawsuit” dismissed, claiming Virginia Giuffre is seeking “another pay at her own expense.” Court documents filed on behalf of his lawyers convicted Andrew, 61, of launching an “baseless and defamatory” attack on his credibility, character and motives.

Andrew’s team must meet Monday’s deadline to file a new response before New York District Judge Lewis Kaplan rules on the next step.

The judge said he was aiming for a trial date between October and December 2022. Prince Andrew hired Hollywood lawyer Andrew Brettler from Lavely and Singer at £ 1,500 an hour to represent him.

Meanwhile, Andrew’s former friend, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, is on trial in New York for allegedly procuring and trafficking young girls for former lover Epstein. A source close to Andrew said he was “aware” that the case was progressing but “had no implications”. His spokesperson made no comment.


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