prequel spin-off ‘Yellowstone’, Paramount Plus – .

prequel spin-off ‘Yellowstone’, Paramount Plus – .

The Duttons family tree has branches that go back waaaaay, as we learn in a new trailer for the Yellowstone prequel 1883, premiering Sunday, December 19 on Paramount +.

In the trailer – which you can watch above – we meet John Dutton’s 19th-century ancestor James (played by country star Tim McGraw) as he and his family set off in a boxcar in search of of a better life in Montana. “I will continue north until I find a country worth seeing. The road is dangerous though: James has to shoot a few bandits along the way to keep his clan safe, and he gives his daughter a pistol for protection as they spot skeletons filled with arrows from the local natives.

The Duttons get help from cowboy guide Shea Brennan, played by Sam Elliott, who helps lead a group of families from Texas to Oregon … although it doesn’t look like James really wants help. . We also meet a rapid-fire marshal played by Billy Bob Thornton who shoots a man in a crowded saloon before warning the others, “There’s only one killer in Fort Worth, and that’s me.” “

Good news if you don’t have Paramount +: the 1883 the premiere will also air on Paramount Network on Sunday, December 19, following a new episode of Yellowstone.

Press PLAY above for a preview of 1883, and tell us in the comments: are you going to watch?


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