Premier League sides have warned of Newcastle United trio Willock, Saint-Maximin and Wilson – .

Premier League sides have warned of Newcastle United trio Willock, Saint-Maximin and Wilson – .

The best Newcastle United players have ‘another gear’ to step up – hopefully starting with the game against Burnley.
That’s the perspective of veteran Chronicle Live reporter John Gibson, who believes fans this season have yet to see the best of Newcastle’s top three players: Allan Saint-Maximin, Joe Willock and Callum Wilson.

Speaking on the Burnley game preview episode, Gibbo said The Everything is in black and white podcast: “I’m ultra-critical here but I don’t think Willock has found his level yet.

“I’m tempted not to save last season because I’m not just talking about goals – obviously he doesn’t score.

“But I’m talking about the dynamism of his game, the big smile – he seems to carry the world on his shoulders.

“I don’t think we are seeing at this point, and it is camouflaged, the best of Allan Saint-Maximin or Callum Wilson either.

“They are not at the top of their game.

“Wilson runs, makes himself available and does whatever it takes, but he looks a little tired.

“He didn’t escape… was it a penalty for Arsenal? He didn’t walk away from the boy and maybe he wanted to get off because he knew he couldn’t.

“He’s not quite the first-rate guy we know.

»Saint-Maximin? Maybe that’s because he’s been given the bunk on the left side and he’s not going where he wants to go – he hasn’t quite reached the heights we know he can reach.

“So there are three of the biggest names on this side – three of the most expensive, in Wilson, Willock and Saint-Maximin, and I think there is other equipment.

“We need that to happen this weekend against Burnley, don’t wait for Liverpool because all three could be at their best and we still lose, or against Manchester City or Leicester or Manchester United.

“But it would make a difference against Burnley, and I’m looking for three players of their quality to progress, as I was surprised and happy with Jonjo Shelvey and Joelinton. “


Wilson is Newcastle’s top scorer this season with five goals and with struggling Newcastle at the foot of the table, new head coach Eddie Howe is hopeful the striker he worked with at Bournemouth can add more goals to his tally .

Saint-Maximin continues to have fans in his seat, but some believe there is a missing end product, but without him United is widely believed to be a worse team.

Willock, who scored 8 goals last season for Newcastle after arriving on loan in January before returning for good this summer, has struggled this season.

While no one is ruling out the former Arsenal youngster, some believe he may have to give up that side.

Speaking more about Willock, Gibbo added, “He’s a young boy, fragile-minded when it comes to self-confidence and I don’t think letting him down would do much good. “


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