Pope Francis denounces populism on visit to Greece – .

Pope Francis denounces populism on visit to Greece – .

Pope Francis on Saturday warned of a global “retreat from democracy” as he arrived for a three-day visit to Greece – the cradle of Western civilization.

“Democracy… requires hard work and patience,” he told diplomats and political leaders at the presidential palace in Athens. “It’s complex, while authoritarianism is peremptory and populism’s easy answers seem alluring.

“Today, and not just in Europe, we are witnessing a decline in democracy,” the pontiff said in a speech making multiple references to classical Greek thinkers like Socrates and Aristotle.

Pope Francis warned on December 4, 2021 that the “easy answers” ​​of populism and authoritarianism threaten democracy.
Costas Baltas / Piscine via AP
Children await the arrival of Pope Francis outside St. Dionysius Cathedral in Athens, Greece, December 4, 2021.
AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis

“The international community must … open up avenues for peace through multilateralism that will not end up being stifled by excessive nationalist demands,” he said, calling for international action on climate change, poverty and poverty. COVID-19 pandemic.

The pope’s appearance came as nationalist politicians from France, Hungary, Italy and other European countries gathered in Warsaw for a summit to consider forming a grand coalition that would oppose the forces. left in the European Parliament.


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