Phillip Schofield’s ‘wild’ question to Matt Hancock leaves This Morning viewers speechless – .

Phillip Schofield’s ‘wild’ question to Matt Hancock leaves This Morning viewers speechless – .

This Morning viewers were shocked by Philip Schofield’s “savage” remarks to Matt Hancock after asking him about his dyslexia.
The former health secretary appeared on ITV today to promote the idea of ​​screening for dyslexia for all elementary school children.

The Tory MP, who had to apologize in June for breaking covid restrictions after photos of him appeared kissing a close collaborator, while he was married.

Hancock plans to argue in parliament what would affect children in schools in England and Wales, however, the disgraced MP has faced hard-hitting questions over the violation of covid rules he created .

Hancock appeared on the show to raise awareness for people with dyslexia

Phil asked, “Is it your dyslexia that means you misread the social distancing rules?” “

As Holly tried to stifle a smile, Hancock looked incredibly uncomfortable, responding, “No, I can’t blame that for dyslexia or anything.” Actually, I’m not asking for any special favors or anything because I’m dyslexic and in politics I have things to offer.

“In this case it was a mistake and I apologized for it and it was a leadership failure because I came on shows like this and asked people to do it and I didn’t didn’t follow the rules myself. “

This morning’s Phillip Schofield called out to the former health secretary over his behavior

As if things couldn’t get awkward anymore, Holly asked him about his plans for Christmas, according to Mirror Online.

Just days after the footage of Hancock was posted, he was forced to resign from his post following an angry public backlash.

Today viewers couldn’t believe what they heard, with one tweet: “Savage from phil. “

While another wrote, “Best question Phil has asked in years.” “

A third wrote: “Phil, you are such a legend. “

Matt Hancock was forced to resign in June after it emerged he broke covid rules through his affair

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But others felt a little uncomfortable, with a tweet: “They broke Hancock at the end when they asked what he was doing for Christmas. Feel sorry for him, but only blame himself. #This morning. “


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