Pandemic “spoiled by government flouting Covid rules”, according to doctor fighting for Met investigation into Christmas party No.10 – .

Pandemic “spoiled by government flouting Covid rules”, according to doctor fighting for Met investigation into Christmas party No.10 – .

The UK’s response to the pandemic has been ‘marred by the government flouting Covid rules,’ said a doctor who is fighting for an investigation into rumors of Christmas parties being held in No 10.
Dr Rachel Clarke, an NHS palliative care doctor who lives in Oxfordshire, accused the government of leading the pandemic while using ‘sneaky privileges like parties that other people are denied’ .

Demand for the probe follows reports from the Daily Mirror newspaper that on December 18, around 40 people drank and celebrated late into the night, while the rest of London was under Level 3 restrictions, along with several other parts of England.

The doctor will send the open letter of complaint to the Met today, calling for an investigation into the two No.10 parties that allegedly took place last Christmas. It has been signed by more than 3,000 NHS workers on the frontlines of the crisis in the past 24 hours.

Boris Johnson on Wednesday refused to deny that a big party was held at No 10 in late December – breaking regulations.

Met Commissioner Cressida Dick told LBC News on Friday that police forces need a letter of complaint to investigate the alleged lockdown violations occurring in the form of Christmas parties at 10 Downing Street.

A GP who signed the letter wrote: “As of December 2020, I was working 60 to 70 hours a week doing telephone and video triage, and I ran a large practice totally isolated from my friends and family. There were no parties.

A medical visitor wrote, “I spent a year protecting myself, couldn’t see my family and friends, including my 83-year-old father.

“I continued to work remotely throughout, supporting isolated women, some in a bad mood, some in abusive relationships, one was left widowed before the birth of her second child due to her healthy husband. dying of Covid.

“Hearing that the Prime Minister is said to have organized parties at 10 Downing St disgusts me. “

“Downing Street should set an example of decent, moral and flawless pandemic behavior. He should set an example for the country, not sneaky privileges like parties denied to others, ”Dr Clarke said. is.

“The idea that the very people who wrote the rules could have ignored them – even while all of this was happening around them – is despicable.

“The whole pandemic has been marred by examples of members of government flouting and evading the rules.

“It is sickening – such an insult and a kick in the teeth to all who have suffered and endured grief and loss.

“If Boris Johnson had looked into the eyes of dying patients like we did, he would never have allowed alcoholic beverages to be locked under his watch. Only someone completely disconnected from the reality of Covid would be so callous and cavalier. “

“If the London police turn a blind eye to this latest example, I will be devastated,” she added.

Labor MPs also reported Boris Johnson to the Met about the allegations.

Neil Coyle, Labor MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, wrote to the Met Police Commissioner, writing that “Johnson is not above the law despite his inflated empowerment.”

Shadow Secretary for International Trade Barry Gardiner supported the call, adding: “If these events have taken place, it implies that there is one rule for the government and another for everyone. “

A spokesperson for the Met said: “It is our policy not to systematically investigate retrospective violations of Covid-19 regulations, however we will consider correspondence received. “

“The Metropolitan Police Service is aware of the numerous reports and has received correspondence concerning alleged violations of the health protection regulations in a government building on two dates in November and December 2020,” he added. .

is has contacted Downing Street for comment.


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