Palestinian who stabbed Israeli in Jerusalem killed by police – .

Palestinian who stabbed Israeli in Jerusalem killed by police – .

The assailant was identified by Israeli state television station as Muhammad Salima, a Palestinian from the occupied West Bank who had served a prison sentence for incitement.

The footage showed Mr. Salima attempting to stab an approaching policeman, before running to a nearby second officer. At least one of the police then shot him and was seen to fall to the ground. A second video, filmed from a passing car, showed that the assailant subsequently received at least three bullets after falling.

Asked by Israeli media at the hospital, Mr. Elmaliah thanked the police for intervening. “They saved me,” he reportedly told Yediot Ahronoth, an Israeli newspaper. “Without them, I wouldn’t be here today.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also defended the police.

“Both fighters took very swift and determined action, as expected from the Israel Police, when they were confronted with a terrorist who attempted to assassinate an Israeli civilian,” Bennett said. said on social networks. “I want to express my full support to them. This is how we expect our fighters to act, and this is how they acted. We must not allow our capital to become a hotbed of terrorism.

But Ahmed Tibi, lawmaker in the Israeli Parliament and Arab citizen of Israel, called the episode “a cold-blooded execution” of an injured man “who presented no danger to anyone”.

Mr. Tibi added, “This is a criminal act that requires investigation.

Carol Sutherland contributed reporting from Moshav Ben Ami, Israel.


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