Operation Fortune first looks at footage of Guy Ritchie’s new movie dress to impress – .

Operation Fortune first looks at footage of Guy Ritchie’s new movie dress to impress – .

Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham collaborate for the fifth time when Operation Fortune: Ruse of War arrives in style. A lot of Operation Fortune the first images arrived online today courtesy of Weekly entertainment, and my oh my, I hope you are up for a smoke show.

In addition to Statham, Ritchie’s new film also stars Aubrey Plaza, Josh Hartnett, Bugzy Malone, Cary Elwes and Hugh Grant. In the film, Statham stars as super-spy Orson Fortune, who must stop an arms deal involving billionaire arms broker Greg Simmonds (Grant). As part of the mission to save the world, Fortune reluctantly teams up with some of the world’s best agents (Plaza, Elwes, Malone) and Hollywood’s biggest movie star, Danny Francesco (Hartnett).

“The truth is, I wanted another alibi to give me a reason to work with Jason again because I love collaborating with him so much” Ritchie confessed Weekly entertainment.

Below is a series of Operation Fortune First-glance photos that feature the cast looking for suave AF in bespoke sets. One thing is certain, Ritchie cares about comfort and style. I would love to chat with their costume design team and discuss how they chose each actor’s stunning looks for the film.

While actors like Statham, Grant, and Hartnett look like they are right at home in a Ritchie movie, Plaza arrives as a welcome and refreshing face in what I’ll call the Ritchie-Verse. Plaza, known primarily for her comedic role in Parks and recreation, has branched out over the years after starring in FX’s Legion, Child’s play, and The happiest season. Now fans will see her in a whole different light thanks to Operation Fortune. “It was fresh and she felt capable”, Ritchie says of Plaza’s casting. “I am more than delighted with the results. “

According to Phil Edwards, a trailer for Operation Fortune will fall on Thursday of this week:

You can consult THAT ONEcollection of Operation Fortune first look at the photos below:

Operation Fortune, Guy Ritchie, Aubrey Plaza
Opération Fortune, Guy Ritchie, Hugh Grant
Opération Fortune, Guy Ritchie, Josh Hartnett
Opération Fortune, Guy Ritchie, Bugzy Malone


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