Ontario Announces Expansion of Eligibility for Coronavirus Booster Doses Today – .

Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health Says Coronavirus Vaccine Exemptions Granted Too Frequently – .

Ontario is expected to announce its intention to expand its eligibility for COVID-19 booster injections on Thursday afternoon.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore is due to provide a third dose update for more Ontarians at 2 p.m.

CP24.com will broadcast the announcement live.

Last month, the provincial government updated its deployment plan for administering booster injections.

Since November 6, appointments for the third dose have been opened on the provincial reservation site for people aged 70 and over, healthcare workers, people who have received two doses of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine. 19 or other viral vector vaccines, certain immunocompromised people and all Aboriginal people in the province.

A person must have received their second dose six months before their third injection.

The government has said that booster shots for the general public will be gradually available based on age and risk factors, starting in early 2022.

Moore’s announcement comes today after the emergence of the new omicron variant which was first discovered in South Africa last week.

In response to the new variant, which raises concerns due to its high number of postings, the federal government has put in place travel restrictions against travelers from certain southern African countries.

Ottawa also reimposed its COVID-19 testing requirement for all air travelers entering Canada except those from the United States, which is expected to come into effect “within the next few days.”


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